First Huawei nova 9 images appear, the phone is rumored to have 5G

17 August 2021
Even the flagship Huawei P50 series settled for 4G, so how is it that the mid-ranger will pack 5G (even with a less impressive chipset)?

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Their Nova series, in my country, used to really sell, back when they had gms. Now, BBK Electronics and Xiaomi have taken much of their customers. No one really buys Huawei nowadays. I tried using them again, without gms, by buying the Matepad T8, for my son's online schooling. The app, was Classin, which is a chinese app, definitely on their Huawei App Gallery, problem is, even apps like Facebook is not available there, you either install GSpace or use Petal search, which I find a hassle, unlike if a phone has a Google Playstore installed. So finally, I decided to just sell it. Using an iPad 2017 now, so much better experience overall.

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    • m{4
    • 18 Aug 2021

    The right Dimensions are 160 mm (H) x 73.7 mm (W) x 7.77 mm (D)
    There will be 4 cameras
    Main camera - 50MP
    UWA Camera - 8MP
    Depth Carmera with Bokeh effect
    Macro camera

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      • 17 Aug 2021

      Mat, 17 Aug 2021100% sure there maybe two 2MP camerashow can you "100% sure" but ended up with "maybe" lol

        Hope 💖

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          • 17 Aug 2021

          Go Huawei Go, we love you.

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            • 17 Aug 2021

            100% sure there maybe two 2MP cameras

              If they put a good camera I will buy it

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                • 17 Aug 2021

                With that logo, people will be like