Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G unveiled with Snapdragon 778G chipset, 25W charger

17 August 2021
The phone will become available in early September at only a few bucks more than the original A52 5G.

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  • Tony

gws89, 18 Aug 2021778G can't push Asphalt 9 in 60fps.Yes, you can, this snapdragon is even more powerful than a snapD 800 of past year, do you wanna know how to enable 60fps?

  • Jaro

Geha, 31 Aug 2021Received the phone last weekend, very pleased with it! In... moreI saw one user opinion in Poland, that they give us 15W charger too ... so we only pay more for CPU and thats it.

Received the phone last weekend,
very pleased with it!
In my country "Holland" there is no 25 watt charger included but still the 15 watt version!

  • Bittu

launch date

Tigolebitties, 20 Aug 2021Samsung only removes it for the flagship series... They... moreStill stupid decision claiming everybody have a charger in home.
Yes they have even old forked ones for sony erricsson phones.
But not many have QI or dash of fast hargers with USB delivery 2.0 or 3.0

  • Neel

Meanwhile the Mi 11x gives UFS 3.1 storage and LPDDR5 RAM along with Snapdragon 870 and IP 53 Rating for the Pricepoint around Rs 30,000. Samsung is clearly playing catch up.

CptPower, 18 Aug 2021Unbelievable Samsung gave charger into the box. Samsung only removes it for the flagship series... They're still putting it for the low-end and mid-range series

How in the hell Samsung manage to put this SD778 in $410, while Pixel uses the older SD765 and priced at $449

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2021The SD 860 is simply a heater compared to the SD 778G.To be fair its a couple year old SoC compared to the newer optimized SD778, so yeah.

  • Mat

A52s Price is similar to A72 4g 128gb in my country

Anonymous, 17 Aug 202140k in UK and 28k in India? heheheDefinitely. Same like A52 pricings. This is because most parts are made in India. From display to battery to body. Only socs come from taiwan.. and that is also close to India

  • Anonymous

The SD 860 is simply a heater compared to the SD 778G.

  • Anonymous

I'd like to see how this performs compared to its predecessor
May go for an upgrade

For a 6 month upgrade it's good...i mean SD778G is in between SD860-865 so no complaints

  • John

What happen to the A72 5G and/or A72s 5G?

Unbelievable Samsung gave charger into the box.

  • litetaker

Does the A52s have better haptics and better fingerprint sensor? I tried the A52 earlier this year but the vibration motor was horrible and the fingerprint sensor is very finicky and does not register frequently!

AhmedSLL, 17 Aug 2021For the first time the "s" model is a real upgrad... moreThey probably just ran out of 750G chips and decided to make the smallest upgrade possible. This is also reflected in price (being practically the same).

  • Andre

AnonF-1013367, 17 Aug 2021In eastern Europe, Poco x3 420 euros, a52 350 euros, where ... moreBuy it from amazon Europe, either Germany or Spain, less than 250 euros is x3 pro.

  • gws89

778G can't push Asphalt 9 in 60fps.