OnePlus 8, 8 Pro and 8T get Buds Pro support, August security patch with latest update

18 August 2021
The update also improves the Portrait mode of the front camera and adds Bitmoji support to the Always On display.

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  • Anonymous

What about fixing known overheating issues on 11.0.7

Ok, cosmetic changes are there, people can use them or not (bitmoji, store, etc...), camera algos are tweaked a bit, but what about the really important ones!
The ones that affect each and every one of users in daily usage, and that have a much detrimental effect on user satisfaction and brand loyality?

Are those issues adressed?

I am staying on until convinced OP did so, and in the meantime set my eyes on Samsung offerings for winter purchase season. At least, Sammy deploy well tested and twice as frequent security updates.

  • Sayeem Ahmed Ovi

Not received Indian version

  • Vegeta

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2021Haven't received an update yetMe too, still nothing

Oneplus still exists. I thought they were fully assimilated into Oppo. Or it's Oppo releasing the updates then name it oneplus. 😀

  • Anonymous

Haven't received an update yet