Samsung Galaxy M32 5G with Dimensity 720 is coming to Amazon India with downgraded screen

19 August 2021
The 5G model will switch from the 90Hz 1080p+ Super AMOLED display of the original M32 to a 720p+ LCD.

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  • Aditya

This phone I want because it's feature is very much developed

  • Anonymous 2.0

Not a TIS of Attention to 5G
2023/24 and 5g will be in Indian megacities only, we still need more development in 5g!
Launch 4g phones till June 22 please!

Samsung trying to Nokia way.......

  • YoloBS

samsung should create a sub brand for cheep and rebranded phone .

  • Anonymous

No wonder they would be exiting from india soon

  • Anonymous

I suggest that the govt import and production of mobiles phones for a year. There is enough crap inventory with dealers and shops to last for a year. This phone just adds to that crap inventory.

  • The-Observer

Whatever Samsung is doing is not clear at all. The three series: A, M, F have all significant overlaps, the specs seem to be decided basis some trade-off matrix which only Samsung is aware of and the prices for the specs always feel unjustified. Now who will shell out INR20k for a phone which doesn't even have FHD+? 60Hz was fine, 48MP was fine, 13MP was fine but HD+ only? They are not even making products it seems like - just managing inventories and tooling at suppliers.

wtf .. why don't you just exit from indian market ???

Can somebody explain to Samsung that nobody cares about 5G in this segment, and M series fans couldn't care less about a 5G soc with 720p lcd display, whatis this 2014??

this is why Samsung phone doesn't sell nowadays - just adding in 5g Samsung downgraded so many things. just like its flagship certain parts of the world get snapdragon whilst the rest stuck with exynos. bad decision making from top management.

  • Anonymous

No wonder Samsung marketshare is declining in India.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2021No but its not going to be a big upgrade as in other countr... moreWho gonna implement so many towers in a overpopulated big country if they don't focus on long range from a single tower?

  • Anonymous

MIDI, 19 Aug 2021Samsung has introduced the original Galaxy M32 back in June... moreBoth are rebranded from A series

Personally I've never liked Samsung phones but at least they had a coherent model lineup. Now they just seem to throw any old specs together, make the newer models downgrades and overprice them. The socs they use inost of these expensive budget offerings wouldn't power a pencil nevermind a smartphone. Utter trash

  • Anonymous

RailRoadEngineer, 19 Aug 2021Indian obsessed with 5G? No but better perfoming chips are tied to 5G.

As for me it's not a problem as I am working from home and recently bought Redmi Note 10 Pro in April which is a 4G phone I don't care about 5G because i use Broadband which is cheap and adequately fast.

Indian obsessed with 5G?

Specs wise and Price wise M32 5g is a complete let down in compared with the competitors. Since M42 5g has hd+ screen, they had to do the same for M32 5g. If the pricing is less than 16k INR, then probably people might consider, otherwise strictly for Samsung loyal fans and not for the budget mass crowd. Their notion is to release phone with all the numerics in M, F, A series. Poor strategy by Sangu-Sam. High Price, No Full HD screen, No 3 years of OS upgrade. I am just waiting to see a phone that can compete with narzo 30 pro 5g in terms of specs and pricing.

M32 starts at 13999 inr

  • MIDI

Samsung has introduced the original Galaxy M32 back in June. Now the 5G Version of this phone came out.

  • Anonymous

kek, 19 Aug 2021Is there even 5G in India yet? I thought most of the count... moreNo but its not going to be a big upgrade as in other countries.

Government has only allocated 700 and 3.4-3.6Ghz band for 5G in india with ISRO selfishly asking for 26Ghz spectrum for their failing rockets.

It's an NSA network meaning there will be 700Hz 4G aka pseudo 5G.

Indian has its own 5Gi standard which is incompatible with other world 5G standards, the 5Gi standard is less powerful as it's made to work for long range and less focused on speed

Jio,Airtel,Vi and all others are asking department of telecommunication to drop 5Gi standard.