OnePlus Buds Pro review

23 August 2021

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  • 12 Oct 2022

The bass can be overwhelming, especially on SBC codec. The LHDC codec is fantastic for music but then when you're streaming video the volume is weak on LHDC but good on SBC. I use the Tidal music app and the sound quality is amazing. Also the tips that come with these are poor, I use the large tips and over time they seem to wither away so now the left bud gets looser than it did when I first bought them

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    • Viswa
    • vG4
    • 30 Sep 2022

    Never buy them. 9K price is total waste. Buds are having problem
    First a month time it was good post that it started drain so quick. Finally it come to 30 mins time to last battery charge. I had to raise a complaint and they provided a new one. Again with new one right bud is not detecting. :( . Raised another complaint

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      • 16 Feb 2022

      Poppy10, 14 Oct 2021No aptx at this price level is unforgivableIt has LHDC which is better than aptX.

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        • gkB
        • 31 Jan 2022

        Anonymous, 12 Sep 2021Does OnePlus buds pro supports OnePlus Nord ?yes

          I got the white one and it's glossy, I've been cautious with with my buds and have concerns taking it out while I am in the field to play should I invest in a case protector?
          I am considering Gadgetshieldz is there any other options and I am not interested in both cases and skins, I just want the naked looks

            No aptx at this price level is unforgivable

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              • 12 Sep 2021

              Does OnePlus buds pro supports OnePlus Nord ?

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                • U@g
                • 29 Aug 2021

                How is its gaming experience??

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                  • snN
                  • 28 Aug 2021

                  yalim, 23 Aug 2021are non-chinese tws brands forbidden in gsmarena? are you n... moreWho pay will be reviewed or for other manufacturer gsmarena is not relative enough.

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                    • Native7i
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                    • 26 Aug 2021

                    Why there's a shinning part?

                      Raghu, 24 Aug 2021What about Dolby atmos, how can you even miss it mentioning... moreDolby Atmos is not a feature of the earbuds. It's built into select OnePlus phones. The feature can be used with any wired or wireless earbuds.

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                        • 24 Aug 2021

                        What about Dolby atmos, how can you even miss it mentioning in the article?

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                          • 24 Aug 2021

                          Regedit, 24 Aug 2021JBL Live 300TWS - good with bass but not so good with cal... moreThank you bro for that valuable info. I think Samsung will be the best.

                            Anonymous, 23 Aug 2021Anybody used Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro? How it the bass pleas... moreJBL Live 300TWS - good with bass but not so good with calls, noise cancellations, comfortable in ear comfort is poor. sound output is not "refined"
                            Beats Studio Buds - You will be happy, if you are bass lover. but no noise isolation. just like air pods, every one can hear what your playlist. forget about call quality, use only for music.

                            Jabra Elite 85T - did not use personally though, calls are good. Bass / music output is lower than the rest. very comfortable in ear, as reviewed by a known person

                            Samsung Galaxy Buds - used them personally, good bass ( not highest though), call clarity is just perfect un-less you are in a too windy place. battery is good & in ear comfort is very good. Bass sounds less than beats but is better than jabra and jbl

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                              • Anony
                              • PI8
                              • 24 Aug 2021

                              More trash from Oneplus. That sound of sound tuning is pure cancer.

                                Shadocx, 23 Aug 2021They aren't, the OPPO Enco X costs more and have more ... moreIn India both are priced at Rs 9990.
                                I have the enco x.
                                What i meant is Oneplus must have shared all technical knowhow from Oppo and modified the case designs

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                                  • tet
                                  • 24 Aug 2021

                                  Anonymous, 23 Aug 2021Anybody used Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro? How it the bass pleas... moreUse soundcore products

                                    I'm gonna keep my Buds Pro but thanks!

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                                      • jMx
                                      • 23 Aug 2021

                                      In other words - they sound horrible!

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                                        • xq5
                                        • 23 Aug 2021

                                        Anybody used Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro? How it the bass please tell me. I'm torn between Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro vs Jabra Elite 85T vs Beats Studio Buds vs JBL Live 300TWS. Can't figure out which one has heavy bass and great build quality.