Xiaomi schedules a new product launch for September 15, keeps mum on what it is

23 August 2021
It's anyone's guess what the company has in store for us, but we've been hearing rumors about an upcoming Mi 11T series.

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  • 31 Aug 2021

It's a new Xiaomi Mop Robot that is shaped like a boomerang.

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    • frankykrish
    • rJY
    • 25 Aug 2021

    Looking at the image it seems to be a fitness band with screen streching to the body of the device.
    The glow on the edges eminently stating that the bands are displaying color.

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      • D4DDY
      • DkX
      • 25 Aug 2021

      MD , 24 Aug 2021It's a flexible/blending phone... Just look at the imageNaah it is just for the curved Screen

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        • JiI
        • 24 Aug 2021

        It's a flexible/blending phone... Just look at the image

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          • Lci
          • 24 Aug 2021

          notafanboy, 24 Aug 2021Not clicking your suspicious links, but nice try.I'm guessing you would lack the knowledge to understand it if opening a link is already a challenge for you. It's always amusing when someone asks for proof, gets a fully detailed technical explanation of the issue, but then makes up excuses to ignore well-documented facts.

            [deleted post]Not clicking your suspicious links, but nice try.

              kdw79, 23 Aug 2021Hopefully bringing back Mi Max PhonesYes please

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                • Anonimas
                • 9aG
                • 24 Aug 2021

                Anonymous, 23 Aug 2021Mi max 4 People keep wishing for Max 4.
                It would be very super duper hyper awesome if they do that and just release Max 4 with today's great SoC and camera capabilities.
                But I gave up already, and this is probably Mi 11T/Pro or something like that.
                I hope it's a fast snapdragon 5G phone, with amoled display, under-display fingerprint scanner, and a HMX camera sensor or 108MP tetracell / 27MP camera sensor.

                  Variable lens on optics module.

                    My money is on the mi 11t

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                      • Anonymous
                      • vJt
                      • 23 Aug 2021

                      Mi max 4

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                        • kdw79
                        • IC8
                        • 23 Aug 2021

                        Hopefully bringing back Mi Max Phones

                          May be this is an Oled TV.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 6TT
                            • 23 Aug 2021

                            Maybe xiaomi flip, xiaomi tab 5 lite, xiaomi tab 5 plus

                            Or, maybe TV box?

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                              • nHA
                              • 23 Aug 2021

                              Small proper compact please otherwise not interested.

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                                • ygB
                                • 23 Aug 2021

                                db102000, 23 Aug 2021I'm tired of that brandI am not will buy more from the same brand.

                                  [deleted post]Define "spyware". And show some proof.
                                  If you don't have anything of value to say, then don't say anything.

                                    I'm tired of that brand

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                                      • MfK
                                      • 23 Aug 2021

                                      Hi, ericwang any news about the upcoming mi cc series ?

                                        TV-size phone? Or phone size TV, with a smart-watch? Maybe too-deep-earbuds? Well, can't wait :)