Samsung Galaxy Camera and Galaxy S III mini hit UK

09 November, 2012
Retailers in the UK are now selling the first stocks of Galaxy S III mini and the Galaxy Camera.

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  • ToMaHaKeR

Galaxy S3 Mini, brand new, unlocked = $380 at our local "questionable source" dealer ;))

  • R@hul...

kindly tell the expected price of S3 mini in india....

  • Javaman


  • Brit

Thanks for the news, but where is the St. Patrick's cross?

  • 3amoor

what a great idea

  • Insomnical

thePhoneGuy, 10 Nov 2012the GS3Mini is primarilly based at females, so whilst you all co... moreYou must work in Marketing, with thinking like that! :P

  • vishal

Good Phone Create in Mob Ganeration Samsung Owner..//:)


Sagar , 11 Nov 2012Desperate for it.... Can u tell me the cost of Sam S3 mini i... moreyes, this is goor pice in mobiles

  • Sagar

Desperate for it....

Can u tell me the cost of Sam S3 mini in india.

  • ajit

What is the price of this mobile in India?
Samsung I8190 Galaxy S III mini ?

  • Josh

I like the look of the Galaxy S3 Mini, greatt size, not like jumbo big brother. Are the specs good enough though. I wonder what the camera is like.

  • thePhoneGuy

the GS3Mini is primarilly based at females, so whilst you all compare specs and say 'why have they downgraded it?', it is because women come in the shops, like the GS3, but say its too big. The majority of females couldnt care if it (GS3Mini) was QuadCore or SingleCore, but Samsung have made it DualCore as it is smaller. But it still does all the functionality of the GS3, and looks just as good. 5* i'd say!

  • TechnologyHelp

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2012let's see....hhmmmm.... SIII mini or Nexus 4??!?!?! £300 v... moreGet the Nexus 4 because it has a quadcore and the specs look pretty nice with the 2gb ram. Btw its a google phone so you will be getting updates first ourt of any phones. Getting a nexus 4 is a must when comparing it to a mid-range device galaxy s3 mini! Hope i helped :)

  • Android Freak no.1

Can Get Htc One S , Galaxy S2 Galaxy Nexus Sony Xperia S and many more Devices which are with Wayyyyy better specs + can be upgraded to 4.1 JB and Better Cameras + Bigger Screen + Resolution and i can go on and on and on...

  • chief_007

Mejico ESMIERDA, 09 Nov 2012Available in Spain?nice phone samsung Galaxy S III .....but sum features

  • tadam

In Estonia the Galaxy Camera should cost 499 (contract-free), but a friend of mine (head of purchase department in one of the biggest retailer) is very reluctant to add it to his portfolio - too damn expensive! For example Canon EOS 1100D + 18-55 mm DC & 75-300 mm DC costs 549 :/

  • Anonymous

let's see....hhmmmm.... SIII mini or Nexus 4??!?!?! £300 vs £279??!?!?! less specs more specs?!?!??!

  • Anonymous

iHATER, 09 Nov 2012galaxy S3 mini is too costly for its specs n stands nowhere near... moreAgreed. You can get the Galaxy Ace 2 - with near identical specs for about £100 less. As for the Nexus; I think the demand will be unprecedented, and will force price drops across the industry - something which has been a long time coming. Who these days can justify a £400 phone every year or two? At least the Nexus looks fairly sturdy and future-proof for two to three years or so - and you won't need to live in hope for any updates. It's a no-brainer, there's nothing remotely close to the Nexus 4 in terms of value and performance.

  • applelover

Apple is gone do that in a minute, i'm no regretting of nothing, I love other phones disingne but i'm staying with apple

  • Thephonegeek

The thing is, it isn't a good thing to buy when you can buy a DSLR with the price.