Lenovo official confirms that the Legion 3 Pro (aka Legion Duel 3) will use the Snapdragon 898

24 August 2021
Qualcomm is yet to announce said chipset, so we don't know exactly what to expect from it - rumors say it will be 20% faster than the 888.

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CptPower, 24 Aug 2021Man every SD8XXX is 20% faster than its precedessor and sti... more^ This

Qualcomm always claims 20% faster and my Pixel 3 with Snapdragon 845 feels only 5% faster than my Essential Phone with 835. I think if you have a minimum of 835 or any 600 or 700 series from the last 2 years, you should be fine.

Just played Shenmue via Redream on my Pixel 3 and no stutter. No audio stutter. Same with Dead Or Alive 2. My LG G5 will audio stutter though. The Snapdragon 835 was a great chip Qualcomm released 4 years ago. Doesn't run too hot either.

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Anonymous, 24 Aug 2021I am going to wait till 2023 for Snapdragon NUVIA processor... moreExynos doesn't have foundries

But weather sealing in it, or keep the useless indoor phone.

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Gaming phonesthis year were kind of disappointing especially their build quality the only phone that got me some excited was Redmi K40 Gaming

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Hopefully the new chip is not plagued by throttling issues.
Should be fine with active cooling, but have to see how well it is implemented.

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Another gaming phone that split into two parts 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

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I am going to wait till 2023 for Snapdragon NUVIA processors with TSMC.

Not cookerynos foundries.

Man every SD8XXX is 20% faster than its precedessor and still the difference is only ion paper.
Every SD6XX or 7XX with at least 4GB ram can run any game smoothly enough that the difference when playing on latest SD898 or lkesser chips will be equal.
Same goes for many else apps because nothing is more CPU and RAM hungra than a good game.

20% faster at 70°c celcius and can only maintain such performance for 20 seconds I suppose

Qualcomm has gone full YOLO, they are under alot of competition next year in the flagship space

And what makes matters worse is they are going with Samsung nm process instead of tsmc smh

I hope it survives the bend tests by JerryRigEverything.

them confirming this is like scientists confirming that water is wet.

I think this mighty titan... Could claim the crown for gaming phone of the year... 2022...

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Will it also snap in half like a twig?