Samsung reveals Galaxy A52s 5G price in continental Europe

25 August 2021
The 6/128 GB version is €449, 8/256 GB option would cost €509.

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  • Anonymous

Expensive and rubbish

FOURSBLUE, 25 Aug 2021For this price for a midrange phone, certainly need 4 years... more4 years? samsung can't do that in mid range even flagship. of course it should 4 years considering the price but i dont think it will.

For this price for a midrange phone, certainly need 4 years of OS upgrade and 3 Years of Hardware Warranty as Standard....

Oof, too pricey...

That's costlier than A72!

  • AnonD-1003038

Khodemamd, 25 Aug 2021too expensive for a mid-range phoneIf you throw software support out of equation and only obsess over specs, then sure, you got bunch of Chionese phones with great specs and garbage software support as an option. But including software support which Samsung is probably one of the best you can get in Android space, it's not that expensive anymore. It's a great balance actually. Spec wise it's still very capable phone that will be fast enough easily through entire period of software support. And that's imo key to perfectly balanced phone.

  • Anonymous

If it doesn't come with side/back fingerprint scanner I will not be buying it. Samsung under display scanners are trash.

  • David

Samsung Germany site says it has only 90hz display, isn't it a 120hz one?

too expensive for a mid-range phone

Too expensive, but better than Pixel 5a 5G