Message reactions are coming to WhatsApp

25 August 2021
The service is currently testing the feature in a very small circle.

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  • Anonymous

Unisoc, 26 Aug 2021Does anyone still even use Whatsapp?Is that even a joke? Even online businesses solely depending on WhatsApp.

Unisoc, 26 Aug 2021Does anyone still even use Whatsapp?No, you are everyone.

Being that to stories! Nobody asked for chats!

All I want is only an "absolute timestamp" in a DD Mmm YYYY HH:MM:SS (AM/PM) format on EACH displayed message, so no more "Today-or-Yesterday-or-old-date-above-the-thread-of-messages-with-only-time-on-each-message". So that if I capture a conversation with an absolute timestamp, then it will give me a powerful proof of time on that conversation.

Does anyone still even use Whatsapp?

I just want Whatsaap add new feature for Delete For Everyone,
Delete For Everyone Means if you're share something on Whatsapp with your own rights Videos Images etc. when you press Delete for everyone Button while your item is forwarded in millions this function delete chain wise from all receiver even someone data is off but when they online this function applies on it.
Thanks its just a Suggestion for secure world.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2021just let us use the desktop version without having my phone... moreThat won’t be possible with the way WhatsApp’s protocol is designed.

Give me edit message.

  • Anonymous

Though we are addicted to it, it has flaws, a privacy issue e.g. when you do not want any one to have you as their WhatsApp contact, you cannot help stop them. One needs your number only to poke you on the app. It should be so that there should be separate contact list for WhatsApp Facebook Instagram ids and no body should be able to see you on such apps if you do not give an explicit consent to be sharing the app between two. More such bugs are there with them yet they are insensitive to such issues.

  • Anonymous

Please don't do it please.Please let WhatsApp be clean and minimal,thats its true usp.

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  • John

kek, 26 Aug 2021Literally no one needed this.Speak for yourself, there are people who want to be solely dependant with WhatsApp.

  • Good guy

How about schedule messages?

  • Anonymous

just let us use the desktop version without having my phone connected to internet

this feature already available in Line many months ago.

  • Anonymous

Why is it necessary to make all social apps same...whatsapp was best being simple and minimal

  • Flattish

ancient status updates still available ?! lil

Whatsapp is best without fb integration of any sort. The people who use it like it's simplicity. Leave all the bells and whistles to other apps.

  • kek

Literally no one needed this.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2021Wasnt this available on telegram?? Don't know