Beibei gets on the record as Sony Ericsson G702

21 May, 2008
The first hard enough evidence of the newest UIQ family member Sony Ericsson G702 has just appeared on the FCC website. The handset codenamed Beibei...

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  • Pharma20

Very nice site!

  • winston kaserwa

thats wonderfull fone am serving ma money to but it sooon,,,am from tz

  • iCS

Opal, 26 May 2008sorry here the link to the beibei pic with another color and sty... moreHey Opal

Does the black version of the G702 have a blue jog dial, like in the link you posted? Because if it did, I am definitely loving it.

I looked in other pictures of black G702's though, and they only have a gray jog dial. So much duller than the blue. I'm hoping the blue in your picture isn't just a sticker on the jog dial or something.. =(

  • Anonymous

the black version doesn't look bad at all. it would have been better if it has glossy casing

  • Opal

sorry here the link to the beibei pic with another color and stylus­AAAAAAAA4BA/5jffyJcoz8Y/s1600-h/bebe2.jpg

  • andry

ugly keypad...

  • Anonymous

eternal_wind, 26 May 2008hmm... I don't think this is a touch screen... but i'm sure t... moreit is a touchscreen coz it has a stylus...
i think it is big as g700...

  • eternal_wind

hmm... I don't think this is a touch screen...

but i'm sure the UIQ 3.3 will have the quad band GSM and dual Band UMTS

the phone is quite big don't you think?

anyway, let us just see how it will turn out

  • ban

more UIQ phone means more app/games for it!

  • c@hie

i think this phone looks quite nice actually!!!!

  • ian

well the phone does look very cheap.


Dude, there is no need for softkeys. Just touch the screen, like g900

  • Anonymous

A quite cheap-looking phone...and all those buttons look so crowded...

  • CSingh

n73? yeah if your 2 years behind :D i got the black n82 and the music is good i must say......though the headphones nokia provides is always garbage compared to SE that being said they one up SE on UI for music

  • Rudraksh Pathak

I seriously think that sony should improve its design and construction.and they don't seem to be thinking beyond the walkman series In terms of the music.I think the nokia n73 is the best midrange handset right now

  • Anonymous

And like always, no 850, no US 3g.

  • CSingh

it is a stylus, i ahve seen it with my own eyes LOL why would they have a tag at the side of it, thwe stylus comes out horizontally which is really neat i dont have a pic now but i've seen on before and it's the coolest stylus ever

  • Anonymous

It doesnt really look like a stylus, just looks like a lil tag...

  • CSingh

UGHHH GOD!!! that red thing in the side of the phone is the stylus get with the program people!!

  • Anonymous

all those keys but no softkeys again! why SE?