Flashback video: the Nokia N97 tried to kill the iPhone, sped up Nokia's demise instead

28 August 2021
Nokia being as huge as it was meant that it was a slow death - but all the signs were there that Nokia's time at the top is over.

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Cindy Star, 29 Aug 2021According to DMX Ferrari and Rolls Royce suck and are on th... moreOf course they are not selling so much cars as VW, they never meant to. :) Ferrari is not for everybody, nor Rolls-Royce or Bentley.

If Nokia would have choose Android instead of Windows, the Chinese companies would compete with Nokia, not with Samsung.

  • AnonD-1015444

DMX, 29 Aug 2021What are you smoking?? hahahahahahahahahaCan you do anything other than hating apple?
Even in the article about Nokia you bash apple
Like ok bro apple bad now get a life

  • kek

I am always amazed how far marketing campaigns can go into people's mind in order to sell them an idea, even if it's a big fat ass lie.

Yes, the N97 was buggy and slow, but dont come here pretending the iPhone 3GS was any better. And the 4 was worst, with the famous antenna issues on it.
And just a year later came the N8, which blowed the iPhone 4 out of the water in all aspects.

And even outside of those examples, there were plenty of options to choose from at that time. Nokia had several models & options, along with other companies like Sony Ericsson & HTC.

” There are many reasons why this phone and its siblings failed, but the perhaps the biggest factors were that users now expected to download complex apps from app stores.”

Never got this far, meant to buy N97 but testing it at the store, it was so laggy that i couldn’t bought it. Just scrolling the phone felt years behind iPhone smoothness so i decided to buy my first IPhone (until then always used Nokia and one Sony Ericsson) and first Apple device and i knew Nokia is pretty much dead.

  • Cindy Star

DMX, 29 Aug 2021What are you smoking?? hahahahahahahahahaAccording to DMX Ferrari and Rolls Royce suck and are on their way down because they are not selling as many units as Volkswagen.

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Anonymous, 29 Aug 2021i have noticed that the comments are from the expert in the... morecheers 🥂

mawlki, 29 Aug 2021Ehm.. nope! They are perfectly fine. Not much growth possib... moreWhat are you smoking?? hahahahahahahahaha

DMX, 29 Aug 2021Now the same thing that happened to Nokia is happening to A... moreEhm.. nope! They are perfectly fine. Not much growth possible; they have very loyal core customers. Oh no the Iphone is here to stay it is up there with Samsung top models etc.

What are you talking anyway? Their CPU is state of the art. The build is the reference in phone building.

DK Lord, 29 Aug 2021I have almost all Nokia N series phones, N97 was my last to... moresweet!

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i have noticed that the comments are from the expert in the field, most appreciated. i am as a newbie, the green, the rookie, knows nothing, have several thoughts
- many comments agree with this Elop character as the bad guy, maybe, who or what orchestreated Elop the first time ???
- many operating system exists based on Linux, thats great with a lot of variant in the app store, but, the app store from apple and android contains many similar apps, those expert that creates apps clearly have family to feed, they have expenses to cover, so, it seems doesnt matter how many operating system exist, apps will always there, Microsoft Office, Candy Crush, Adobe PDF Reader, and music player will always be there on top of any operating system. Its like ... doesn't matter which ice cream, Ben and Jerry, Haagen Dasz, Campina, Walls, there always be chocolate, berrys, vanilla, coffee, and peanuts
- that being known, why they cant build a smartphone based on virtual machine, the vm boots and provide standardized interface for any flavor of operating system, windows, ios, android, meego, symbian, and since it is a vm, there is special physical button to switch os on the fly, fits for spying as well as consumer needs

we can install windows 7 natively on mobile processor 1.8 GHz and 4 GB of RAM ... imagine that ... alongside ... by factory default already has IOS and Android ... its a happy happy world after alll ...

my apologize if my comment offended the experts in this column
wish all of you healthy, live long, and prosper
cheers ...

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There it is again, the geek conspiracy theory that Elop killed MeeGo to favor Microsoft.... Nope,

MeeGo (a mashup collaboration between Intel's Moblin and Nokia's Maemo) was a mess and it was not a viable product. Nokia would have failed to bring a competitive device to market. The N9 was outdated compared to Android competitors and all potential partners jumped off the MeeGo train in favor of Android.

A big consideration for Nokia was the North American market, which was a trend driver, but other than AT&T was moving to LTE. And Nokia was unable to get am LTE successor to N9 to market quickly enough.

MeeGo had a lot of good points, but it was a dead-end for both Nokia and Intel. The team could not get it together and when the decision had to be made, it could not produce, or even promise, a competitive new device to Nokia's Board.

MeeGo wasn't viable in the market conditions and the fact that Nokia could not bring an LTE-compatible successor to N9 meant that its future was dim. That's why MeeGo was killed. It was a sound business decision, but ignorance breeds conspiracy theories.

SuuperBaka, 29 Aug 2021Don't bother asking for sources, he made the claim tha... moreNokia copied it from palm, the first mobile manufacturer to use a slide-out interface on a phone.

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Anonymous, 29 Aug 2021...right, N97 is very slow, hardware used is not capable ru... more...should be did not use...

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Ra-Iri, 29 Aug 2021I had one of these! Sold it for around $30 at pristine cond... more...right, N97 is very slow, hardware used is not capable running the UI at reasonable speed...Nokia did use a decent SOC...had they used a top of the line SOC, it would have sold well...

I had one of these! Sold it for around $30 at pristine condition in 2019.

Navigating through the UI was bad. The software is buggy. But the build quality is absolute and beautiful. Hardware keyboard is kinda hard to type at, though.

  • Former N97 user

Loved the phone. The keyboard was in the league of its own, current android and ios can learn from that. Only problem I had with N97 was inability to download Apps from OVI store

  • Anonymous

blue.sun, 29 Aug 2021Millions? Oh, please, stop your lies. They sold a few thous... more...but MEEGO is ahead Android at that time... So yes Android also copied MEEGO...swipeUI? born 2014 via NOKIA N9 with meego system😁 you need to research before saying some claim.

  • Anonymous

blue.sun, 29 Aug 2021Millions? Oh, please, stop your lies. They sold a few thous... more..actually, android copied symbian...

  • Anonymous

Way more way faster they weren't faster.