Google parodies Jony Ive in its latest Pixel 5a 5G video

27 August 2021

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AnonD-1003038, 28 Aug 2021Remember how Pixel copied the notch? Remember how Pixel cop... more😁

  • AnonD-1003038

WeUseHeadphones, 28 Aug 2021This would be funny if all Pixel devices had a headphone ja... moreRemember how Pixel copied the notch? Remember how Pixel copied headphone jack removal? Remember how Pixel copied charger brick removal? And then they mock Jony Ive for some reason. It's so ironic it started building up rust lol

  • WeUseHeadphones

This would be funny if all Pixel devices had a headphone jack. But since they don't it sounds hypocritical.
Like if they "purposefully made the flagship less "innovative", so they can put the "innovation" in the less expensive device" type of hypocrisy.

  • AnonD-1003038

That's funny, doing a parody for a literal copy&paste product with few minor changes that wasn't particularly exciting or capable even when it was originally released. That sounds more like a self roast that making fun of someone else...

I enjoyed this video ;)


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Fancy Pronunciation

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Nick Tegrataker, 28 Aug 2021The irony here is that in an attempt to fight back against ... moreI agree. It just underscores the painful fact that the Pixel 6 will not have a headphone jack. If Sony can keep it in their flagship Xperia, Google can do it in the Pixel 6. I would much rather have a headphone jack than that giant ridiculous camera hump on the Pixel 6.

Ok it's a beautiful video but that's not Jony Ive or someone who sounds like Jony Ive or someone who's trying to sound like Jony Ive. That voice sounds nothing like Jony Ive's.

  • Jony

Boring (yawn)

Macaulay Culkin, 28 Aug 2021For years, Apple mocked Android. So you think Google was go... moreThe irony here is that in an attempt to fight back against Apple, Google basically shot themselves in their foot by making the ad praising the headphone jack - something they haven't put into their flagships for years and most likely won't in future as well (Pixel 6 series is already confirmed to be lacking one). Quite pathetic and such a shame, really, because if Google had a "courage" to keep it in their most most expensive phone lineup instead of following Apple's footstep, this video could've been hilarious.

  • Rysenchi

Macaulay Culkin, 28 Aug 2021Lighten up. It's just marketing. Samsung mocks Apple. ... moreApple and Samsung are both huge companies who have proved time and again that people can trust them to deliver a good product. That isn’t the case with Google. No Nexus or Pixel phone has ever been even half as good as an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S series phone. They aren’t quite in the same league. So it’s embarrassing when they think they are.

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2021Pixel 5a has headphone jack Galaxy A72 has one too!

"Is a headphone jack" πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  • Essen

But but but, Apple invented the circle and also 'innovated' and 'revolutionised' the circle into a magical formation. Besides, Apple's circle is more circular than other circles. So the joke is on Google, who copied what is essentially Apple's invention.

notafanboy, 27 Aug 2021Personally I couldn't care less about the jack but Goo... moreUr spitting fax

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Macaulay Culkin, 28 Aug 2021People here don't know how to take a joke. Every thing... moreAnd we don't care at all.

omg this ad is perfect.

it's the best i've ever seen.

i'm not joking.

  • Anonymous

Mocked thing content aside, i like the ads at first 20 second
Wonder if i can make clip like that

People here don't know how to take a joke. Every thing seems to offend them or sounds hypocritical to them. Companies will attack each other like political ads.

I do miss Jony Ive. Peak design of the iPhone was from 2010-2013. The iPhone X is nice but it just didn't have Steve Jobs' influence. Jony should get as much credit for Apple's comeback as SJ's. He came up with amazing designs from 1997-2013.

I sold my iPhone 12 mini but kept the 4S I got for only $20 and it's still in excellent condition. I believe the 4S looks better than the 12 mini. Shows how well the iPhone 4 series design aged. Steve and Jony influence all over it. Beautiful like a Leica camera. My favorite is the 5S/SE1 design. SE1 is still my favorite iPhone ever.