Fossil's Gen 6 smartwatches will be unveiled on August 30

28 August 2021
They are expected to be priced between €300 and €330.

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  • 18 Dec 2021

DMX, 28 Aug 2021Let's see, let me see if I understand, it is a renovat... moreI just bought the all-steel model from 329 euros to 220 discounted! I'm the idiot!

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    • mZ9
    • 29 Aug 2021

    Anyone know if Skagen will release a new smartwatch as well?

      Why are Google letting Samsung smilingly have exclusive rights to WearOS 3 for 6+ months, when they've hardly been a big supporter of WearOS in the past?

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        • yalim
        • Bjb
        • 28 Aug 2021

        looks cool.features rich but 24h battery life is terrible.modern smart watch standard must be 5-6 days.

          Tomy159, 28 Aug 2021😂 24 hours life time that huge. No way to buy this one. T... more24 hours of limetime and 0+80% in 30 min. On the GW, it seems to be 40 hour but the charge is 2 hour from 0-100. Don't know if there is fast charging but at least there is the last Wear OS. And I could feel that the other manufacturer of WearOS are kinda hurt that they don't have access to the latest version. Remeber android in the past, when it was 2.x 3 for tablet and 4 that unified all of this ? Well ... Here we are on v12 and they keep doing the same sh*t.

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            • 0cJ
            • 28 Aug 2021

            Between these and the major limitations of Samsung's G4, Apple will completely dominate the market for mid to high-end smartwatches. And Apple's sensor implementations are far better than anything on the Wear OS side. This is a joke.

              😂 24 hours life time that huge.
              No way to buy this one. They could be best from Google but come with worst.
              Only has 4100+ processor rest have all brand same. Even old wearOS.

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                • Kamy01
                • 3c1
                • 28 Aug 2021

                Who and why would someone buy it?!?

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                  • 8xr
                  • 28 Aug 2021

                  Let's see, let me see if I understand, it is a renovation of the most expensive GN 5, more than 300 dollars and it will not come with the latest of the google OS for watches? The same one who wears the Samsung watch and who will update it sometime in 2022? I want to see what idiot ventures to fall into this trap