Leakster: the Xiaomi 12 will have a triple 50MP camera with a 5x periscope

30 August 2021
The Mi 11 Ultra is already close to that with a 50+48+48 MP camera and a 5x periscope. The next ultra will probably have a 200 MP camera, though.

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Change of 100 time for their global Realized.

Ehhh, 18 Sep 2021"but that focal length is impractical" isn't... moreIf I understand compression correctly, they should appear similar provided that they were taken from the same distance away and the field of view was made the same for both. Of course, the wide-angle lens will be heavily cropped and would look horrible. I do somewhat agree that too long a focal length will be impractical -- the lens will have a higher f-number plus the main sensor will have to do all the zooming in between. But I fully agree with you that cropped zoom can't match a good optical zoom. Samsung probably had the right idea with 2 different optical zoom lenses but the sensor for the 3x zoom is subpar. Maybe Xiaomi should do something similar on their next "ultra" but with a solid 4x-5x lens. 100% with you about larger individual pixels -- can't believe that high MPX is still a thing...

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"but that focal length is impractical" isn't true... focal length ≠ high mpx zoom. You guys should read about background compression. You can also make an experiment with making a picture of wide lens high mpx photo with one of same telephoto, crop them the same frame and compare the objects that are closer and distant how they appear.

Also would be awesome if you guys advocate for bigger individual sensor pixels rather than more mpx, yes pixel binning is somewhat alright and HDR with pictures, but this doesn't help with videos at all, especially at low light.

Cheers from Bulgaria (:

This setup is actually quite beasty, although Xiaomi could learn so so so much more from their processing.

Xiaomi could really just improve on their foliage, and less on oversaturation, aiming for more natural looks is so much better than having an "Instagrammable" photo.

I also wish they'd aim for a more DSLR style bokeh in their portrait mode.
And being able to zoom at any level with portrait mode is a big plus.

So, we should expect an 800 euros phone to have 100x zoom and possibly the best ultra wide out there. Nice

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Anonymous, 01 Sep 2021OnePlus has been bleeding red since it's existence. No... moreThey were never leaking money like Sony.
They just provided mid rangers to increase more profits

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Anonymous, 31 Aug 2021Sony imx888 1inch sensor with Xenon flash. 20gb Ram, gpu at... moreThe kernel-space: Your Android phone runs on top of the Linux kernel. The kernel is stored in a special type of compressed file that's extracted directly into RAM during the device power-on sequence. This reserved memory holds the kernel, drivers and kernel modules that control the hardware and room to cache data in and out of the kernel.
A RAMdisk for virtual files: There are some folders and files in the system tree that aren't "real." They are pseudofiles written at boot and hold things like battery levels and CPU speed data. With Android, the whole /proc directory is one of these pseudofile systems. RAM is reserved so they have a place to live.
Network radios: Data about your IMEI and radio settings are stored in NVRAM (Non-Volatile memory that's not erased when you power off your phone), but get transferred to RAM along with the software needed to support the modem when you first turn on your phone. Space is reserved to keep this all in memory.
The GPU: The graphics adapter in your phone needs memory to operate. That's called VRAM, and our phones use integrated GPUs that have no stand-alone VRAM. System RAM is reserved for this.
Once that's done and your phone is up and running, what's left is the available RAM your phone needs to operate and run apps. A portion of this is also reserved for things that need to happen quickly (low-level operating system functions and housekeeping) but it's reserved a different way. These are software-based settings the people who wrote the OS and built the kernel for your phone set, and it keeps a set minimum amount of RAM free so these low-level functions can be done as needed without having to wait for an app to free any memory.

All this is why the available RAM listing in settings isn't the same as the total amount of RAM installed inside your phone. The full amount really is inside, but a portion of it (usually about 1GB or so) is reserved. Your apps get to fight over the rest.

Gpu on E2100 and S888+ is clocked at 900mhz, I've rooted s21ultra Exynos on custom kernel clocked at 1250mhz, Custom rom with extreme cpu governor clocked at 3.5ghz, phone heats up too 45 degrees, but no throttling.

You don't no nothing, you're a newbie.

Go too XDA developers.
And snapdragon are rubbbishhhhh at rooting, developers love exynos

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Anonymous, 31 Aug 2021Sony imx888 1inch sensor with Xenon flash. 20gb Ram, gpu at... moreSony imx800 blows this 2 years ahead

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So it it still worth to get mi 11 ultra now? Or wait?

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2021This does not exist. Sensor is made to have 4 , 9 or 16... moreActually, the HP1 was released today and the previous leaks were correct. It does offer a choice of choice of binned 12.5mp or 50mp images. Seems to be a new technology they are offering

Call me when they won't be asking crApple prices...

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Nick Tegrataker, 01 Sep 2021This would be such great news if it turned out to be true..... moreThat's scrap, need treble imx888, special edition Japan only , custom made version.

captain fokou, 31 Aug 2021You mean a 12 lite? Unfortunately, Xiaomi "Lite" models are not the small ones. But "SE" (Special Edition) are, like Mi 9 SE.

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2021OnePlus has been bleeding red since it's existence. No... moreSource?

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Anonymous, 01 Sep 2021Source? Which BBK company is leaking money?? As usual you h... moreOnePlus has been bleeding red since it's existence. No wonder they are making affordable midrangers like Nord right now.

There are 48/64mp 4x zoom phones, should be improvement from 8/13mp 5x. And your foldable with 2/3x tele just got ridiculed once more(besides main camera).
Looks like classic design with 200mp will be hot next term, lol, wonder what sony will come with...

if the 50MP sensor were IMX700 then it would be a real 50MP sensor, otherwise it's just a 12.5MP sensor!

This would be such great news if it turned out to be true.. GN2 + dual IMX766, hopefully?

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Europe, 31 Aug 2021How about one 12 SE, compact, max 140x70x9mm, 160 gr? For e... moreyes i agree I want 12SE (mini version 5.9 or 6" screen maximum)
A small phone!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous, 31 Aug 2021Making money. Unlike one of the BBK brands that bleeds mo... moreSource? Which BBK company is leaking money?? As usual you have nothing to back up your words