Ulefone Power Armor 13 in for review

05 September 2021
Another rugged smartphone with a massive battery is with us.

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  • Anonymous


Please get on with the review already. I'm getting very impatient.

Any news on when your putting the review up @gsmarena? Or are you still trying to flatten the battery? 😂👍

  • Wews

son goku, 05 Sep 2021can you do a battery drain test ? Its an LCD display and a ... moreJust buy mi 10t/pro

  • Anonymous 2.0

Perfect phone for Bear GRYLLS, as he explores very extreme places!

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2021Probably most silly comment of the week cause you need the ... moreU do realize. Engineers don't have big enough pockets to carry all of that stuff. And engineers already have alot of tools and stuff so they can't carry all of it. So why not have 1 thing which can do loads of tasks. And plus this has better specs than Nokia anyway. And the Nokia isn't what u call *rugged*. An real rugged phone has ip 69 not 68 it has an actually rubber body with some metal not just a rubber case slapped on top of a plastic back. And rugged phones have those infrared sensors and these can be especially useful when u are a bit high and u have to literally go down back bring it then go back up which is annyoing. But if u this then u can just carry it without carrying those other tools

  • Anonymous

CompactPhones5ever, 05 Sep 2021Why. The. Flying. F*ck. Do literally ALL of ... moreBecause if you're actually using a phone in an extreme environment you're probably going to be wearing gloves, and small screens are terrible if you actually need to see or use it.

CompactPhones5ever, 05 Sep 2021Why. The. Flying. F*ck. Do literally ALL of ... moreWell..

Rugged phones for this certain target audience..

People usually hike with them.. carrying heavy backpacks/luggage, or use them for Cycling and as a dashboard for compass navigation/gps or thermal tracking or even night visions on their cycles/ travel

Compact is not the way here

  • Anonymous

hmm, 05 Sep 2021Your not living in a cave of stone age. You have internet a... moreProbably most silly comment of the week cause you need the phone to be rugged in the first place, tools you have in the other hand so that is simply nonsense cause which construction worker doesn't have a measuring tape in his pants??? You don't need your phone for that and infrared measuring device is widely available at the construction site so those features are a nice gimmick to have but won't be used due to accuracy constraints and other reasons. Oh let's measure the distance with my phone cause I have it on my phone. But we have more accurate devices here we use for this. No no I will use my phone. No it's not even allowed lol lmao.





Do literally ALL of these budget tough phones need to have such large screens? This one is virtually un-pocketable, you pretty much must carry it in a bag. And why? So you can watch movies and play games better? On a phone that's supposed to be taken into 'extreme environments'? Absolute comedy.

  • hmm

Aadrian, 05 Sep 2021Good competitor for the Nokia XR20 but Ulefone isn't a... moreYour not living in a cave of stone age. You have internet and web shops to buy what ever you basically want. That Nokia is garbage that is basically like any other of there low end hardware phone with just a built on rubber case. And people who buy rugged phones are not the people who care about the operation system updates. They need this phone as a tool. Nokia rugged phone is not a tool as it lacks all the features that make Ulefone a tool. Nokia rugged is just a low end phone with a case that advertise it's elf as rugged while you get same results by buying a more rugged case for your phone.

Ulefone on the other hand have features like infrared cameras. Digital measuring tape and other features that people need who use it as a work tool and need that large battery cause they dont always have access to charge it

Good competitor for the Nokia XR20 but Ulefone isn't available here. Nokia is globally better available and with a much better OS support the XR20 has the upper hand in my opinion.

  • Robbie

sayabosanhidup, 05 Sep 2021can i regular ly wash this phone with soap or liquid soap ... moreI've been doing the same thing on Samsung S5, Note 4, Note 8, A52 5G on a daily basis for years so you should be able to on this

Is that a phone in your pocket .....or are you just pleased to see me ?

  • blue.sun

The thing itself is almost 0,5 kg! What's that good for? Getting back to ancient days of first mobile phones and what for? Large display that cracks as easily as any other phone...

My dream phone is to still can't afford it hehe 😬

  • Anonymous

problem with this phone is that its a $150 phone with $100 worth of extra accessories and zero software development.

$20 powerbank that you cant remove glued to the back
$30 otterbox protection
$10 wireless charging capability
the endoscope
the IR blaster

then what the company hopes for is good word of mouth to sell their phones but dont realize that their QC is crap and their failure rate is probably triple or more of the other major brands.

It's nice to see that some brands are still trying to produce something that is not mainstream phone and won't sell in millions. Kudos to Ulephone!

  • pharmacy

this phone is going for 329 bucks on ali express.....pretty amazing considering what it packs.