Realme Pad official teaser highlights its slim design

01 September 2021
The first tablet from Realme is rumored to debut on September 9.

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Nothing original or interesting at all..

Terrible choice of chipset, when the competition (Mi pad 5) has a flagship chipset. Nice try Realme, try again.

  • Anonymous

Hopefully Xiomi can also announce India entry to compete Realme ?

  • Ok

Realme always copy what redmi do lol 不不 redmi release a laptop.. realme copy it.. redmi release a pad.. realme copy it 不不不

Asif Ally Syed, 02 Sep 2021Expecting a foldable tab that can open wide upto 14inches..... moreI think lenovo did that, but on a smaller scale.

  • Anonymous

Helio G80. they overhyped this only to turn out as a disappointment. i still hope they'll have a flagship-level tablet like mi pad 5 or base iPad though

kek, 02 Sep 2021Tab S6 lite is a good option, tooTrue... Samsung Tab S6 Lite or Samsung Tab A7 Lte would be a better choice than this... Or Lenovo Pad 11 xD hahaha... So far, no one ever recommend me for MiPad 5... I don't know why

  • Asif Ally Syed

Expecting a foldable tab that can open wide upto 14inches... Tht would be really helpful

  • Ali2020

It needs to be cheaper than the competition in order gain some traction. Realme phones have a terrible UI and the user experience is one of the worst compared to Huawei or Oppo, I hope they can make a decent tablet UI with all the functions expected (as Xiaomi tries too) and bring decent updates for at least 3 years.

So slim that your college textbook or laptop in your bag can bent it.

Is this another media center or portable working pad without expandable memory?

  • Anonymous

- Mom, can we have an iPad Pro?
- We have an iPad Pro at home

iPad Pro at Home:

kek, 01 Sep 2021" There is a need for a real-ly light & slim ones ... moreWe can assume that slim also means light. That has been the case for most slim phones.

  • Anonymous

"Minijacklessness at its best

Swordman, 01 Sep 2021It ain't even a competition, Realme Pad's gna com... moreYes true.

  • Hiktaka

But it's gonna use AMOLED panel, no?

  • kek

Lol.ivan, 02 Sep 2021Lmao even samsung makes better tablets literally the tab a7... moreTab S6 lite is a good option, too

Lmao even samsung makes better tablets literally the tab a7 (2020) costs $240 here for the wifi/64gb version in indonesia

i hope it still have >7000mah battery and 65watt charger

when come to pad, slimness is irrelevant

  • Anonymous

There's already huawei matepad 10.4 with kirin 810 which kinda 765 level chip in 200 usd price with slim design too