Apple employees demand change in internal company practices in open letter

04 September 2021
The "#AppleToo" movement brings forwards some pretty strong accusations of misconduct, inadequate reporting channels and misuse of personal data.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2021Large corporations are an extreme issue not easy prey.Why was the original post arguing that this is a cloaked attack by radical activists deleted?

It's a valid argument and a legitimate one. Deleting is censorship, and I hope GSMArena doesn't slide there.

  • Hg

Ten years ago many small companies and start ups did not make it. A lot of sacrifices throughout the beginning years. ... some were rewarded some not.
In recent times big tech or big money has created different fancy types of monopoly while minting money and still their want to collect more data to make more and more money.
Back then tech was never about collecting data or invading privacy. It was about innovation, research and creating freedom. The founders of the internet must be rolling in their graves. Nobody envisioned the internet would turn into a massive data collecting tool used for manupulating the masses.

Hmm, that gotta show you what a rotten fruit really is. Also a toxic one, with all this cr@p happening nowadays. Let's see what kinda things pop up and more with this one and the other fellas who do this.

OwnFix3, 05 Sep 2021Did you even read the post? The post complains about the of... moreDid you tho? Those things that's mentioned in the post is happening at Apple workplace, hence their employees are doing this open letter.

Duck of death, 05 Sep 2021Any functional society has labour laws criminalizing bullyi... moreSo with all that you're saying, you're okay with seeing all the injustice too here and there? What do you think would make it better for societies these days?

  • Working Visas in US

As a former Silicon Valley programmer, I can assure you 60%-70% of the work force in IT is Indian on H1B and B visas, 20% Chinese on H1B and B visas and or other visas and about 10% is American and European. Most of Indian programmers are queued for Green Card waiting 10 years during which they work at the clients like Apple, Intel, Google, FaceBook with the official employer a staffing firm like Infosys, Tata Consulting, HTC, Accenture, Delloite, and 10 thousand, yes, thousands of small H1B staffing firms, some open by Indian immigrants who got US citizenship and some open by White Americans. All the lie that they cannot sponsor to Europeans on H1B and cannot find American citizens to hire. Then they offshore, outsource projects in East Europe and Asia for 10-20% from what Americans would get paud. Then each company has the mandatory courses of diversity and integration, to brainwash the employees, if ever one comments negatively about globalization, he/she will be labeled racist and fired in the next hours.

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HaterzSuckkkkk, 05 Sep 2021Oh gosh. I know that apple should change it's workp... moreTheir products were sold with privacy as a focus. Company could not even respect their employee's privacy.

AnonD-1003038, 05 Sep 2021Gotta love it when people pretend only Apple is this evil c... moreI don't like apple at all, nor the way they do business. But this comment is spot on. The one thing that companies care about is money, only money. Every single one out there

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HaterzSuckkkkk, 05 Sep 2021Oh gosh. I know that apple should change it's workp... moreYou mean its just one more example to feel their facts. Not hate.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Large corporations are an extreme issue not easy prey.

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HaterzSuckkkkk, 05 Sep 2021Oh gosh. I know that apple should change it's workp... moreIf any Apple hater is honest, he will only criticise almost no innovation and too less choices. We can only know what the working class spit out. Surely, labor of most companies dare to lose their jobs.

Akinaro, 05 Sep 2021Nope. iMac was not first all-in-one. Idea of it it was m... moreAbsolute truth!

Thanks for your elaborate explanations

  • Anonymous

OwnFix3, 05 Sep 2021Exactly. First world problems. People from third world and ... moreHow ignorant are you?

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2021we are not living in heaven or in a setup realm where no in... moreThe Q anon argument. It doesn't work in court, bubba.
If you're aware of crimes committed and don't do anything about it, you're complicit. That is how a real free society works. Freedom isn't anarchy. What you want is Afghanistan, Juarez or the horn of Africa.

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2021Literally not a single new product since (apple watch was a... moreNope.

iMac was not first all-in-one. Idea of it it was made back in 70-80 starting from HP 9830, also AIO had them... and more ""modern"" versions of it where made by Dell, lenovo and other companies in early '90 way before Apple.

iPhone was not first multitouch device or phone with it, first multitouch "environment" similar to iOS was invented by Mitsubishi Lab in 2001, first multitouch phone by release date was LG Prada. Also Neonode N1 from 2004 used haptic feedback and swype to unlock that Apple liek to advertise as their. Also famous "pinch" gesture was made by Myron Krueger in... 1983
Apple used Fingerword patents from 2005 when they bought that company and its technology/ideas. So they just bought ready-made idea, not made it.
Because of buying that company there was so much mess with patents. I recommend checking Bill Buxton white papers on multi-touch.

iPods where not first devices with build in market, first they where just synced with iTunes on PC, and back then, hard to believe, we had actually PC programs that had option to buy and copy music to mp3 players, they where just not popular and it was very scattered market(like many things at the beginning of market).
Also iPods where not first players with screen, or video options or hardrive... it was made by Toshiba, Sony, Archos and all other companies that put their own R&D to make it.

Also Asus was first company that introduced Ultrabooks concept, and its name back in 2010-2011

So as you see, Apple is not inventing things, it just make things more popular. As far an many people are not fan of Apple, they need to admit that they are kings of marketing, they wait for others to invent and put money in to research and tests, and then just buy patents and ideas and push them as new.

Oh gosh.

I know that apple should change it's workplace practices a lot, but this is just a haven for apple haters to spit their sh*t over and over again.

They take advantage of apple's mediocre workplace environment and use it as an excuse to hate on their products.

  • Anonymous

SMIRNAS, 05 Sep 2021for me,, Apple is dying or died together with Steve JobsLiterally not a single new product since (apple watch was already in the works when he died).

Meanwhile they used to launch a new product line every year or two.

Remember the iMac? First all in one in the modern era.

Ipod? First mp3 player integrated with its own store

Iphone? First multitouch phone. Iphone 3G had its own store too.

How about the first Ultrabook (MacBook air), none had done it before.

Lastly we get the birth of multitouch (usable) tablets w iPad.

Years of release?
1999, the. 2001, 2004 (for itunes store), then 2007, 2008 and 2010 respectively.

Literally every year or two (on average) apple was intoducing a new product line that others would eventually copy. A new category of Human machine interaction.

Then Jobs dies (2011) and what do we get? Apple Watch? That's pretty much it. Everything else is more of the same with only cumulative upgrades.

Went from one of the most fruitful decades from any company ever (2001-2011) to one of the most uneventful (2011-2021) almost overnight.... HMMM, it's as if sth happened in 2011... Oh, I know, the one guy actually caring for the company died. Now it's a slow descend. By mid century only old people would be using Apple because it would be decrepit by then and young people (of that time) would wonder why do old People (the Boomers of that time) insist buying from that Cr*p company ...

Heck I am already wondering , 30 years too early. They literally did nothing for a decade, everything they did was iterative and boring (if they did anything). Jobs truly is dead...

  • Anonymous

This is the company that kept harping about privacy and the fans parrot the same thing.

What now? Lmao.

  • Replicant

OwnFix3, 05 Sep 2021Did you even read the post? The post complains about the of... moreLol you are embarrassing yourself with that comment.
Where do office policies and culture take place???

Hint: In the work environment

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1003038, 05 Sep 2021Gotta love it when people pretend only Apple is this evil c... moreSo other corporations do it, it's okay for 🍎 to do it?
Does it suit a trillion dollar company to be violating all the things mentioned in open letter.
Apple spokesperson lyk you need to buggger off. Your opinion is as relevant as a tr0lll