The EU might require OEMs to provide 7 years of updates and spare parts for its phones

07 September 2021
The bill is proposed as a way to reduce e-waste.

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Anonymous, 08 Sep 2021The amount of people sticking to a phone for 7 years is muc... moredoesn't mean it can't change.

I guess you're just hellbent that phone shouldn't be supported longer. oh well, you do you.

NotAFanboy, 07 Sep 2021Have you read the third passage thoroughly?You tell me what did i miss

  • Anand

It should be in India too.

It's laughable here in the uk with networks expecting people to buy phones on 36 month contracts you'd be lucky if it hasn't reached EOL before it's paid for

  • AnonD-1014095

Lots off people don't care or give damm about updates, because majority text, call, browse.

Nothing wrong with the phone so why update?

Smart users will purchase VPN, AntiVirus for extra protection, they don't, never rely on free cheap updates from manufacturers.
Whatever the upcoming years they add features, every features can be bought from playstore, appStore, and its way much better and premium than free stuff you get.

Updates are for poor people, user's.

That would be a nice dream.

  • Anonymous

Fulljack, 08 Sep 2021just because people use one phone for 2 to 3 years before c... moreThe amount of people sticking to a phone for 7 years is much lower than the amount of people sticking to a single cat for 7 years

  • Anonymous

EU bureaucrats justifying their existence.

The market seems to have worked pretty well so far, with Apple leading in profitability by a mile, because it "just works" and it offers better and longer support for its products. Even cheap Chinese manufacturers are starting to offer better support because they have figured out that just "cheap" is not enough as consumers become more sophisticated. In this case, the market works well, but the ever-growing EU paper-pushers have to stick their nose in it, just because.

  • Anonymous

This is stupid beyond stupidity for many reasons.
Many people don't use their phone that long, even the conscious consumers who keep their devices for longer.
What good is it that there's spare parts when repairing phones becomes more difficult with each year due to design and engineering?
If OEMs now have to provide spare parts aka technological waste for completely outdated devices while also producing novel devices, this won't reduce waste whatsoever.
The EU is just so utterly braindead and needs to end.

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2021People are not interested in using phones beyond 2-3 years.... morejust because people use one phone for 2 to 3 years before changing to other phone, doesn't mean when phone are getting 7 years of support, people will hardly use that to hold their phones longer.

correlation doesn't mean causation.

I've used my Samsung Galaxy S7 for 4 years. I've bought it 1 year after release, so the total time would be around 5 years since release for software updates. I still use it as a backup phone (because it works) so I'd love to see this 7 year period become a requirement for all manufacturers.

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2021I'm sure 10 years ago there weren't Windows 10. S... moreLol, why would I lie about this? Usually the people on here like to say they buy a new phone every 2 months and drive a Ferrari to the grocery store, not that they still use a 10 year old laptop, lol. I actually have several fairly new laptops/Macs as well, but this particular one stays in the bathroom and is used for playing music when I'm showering or for web browsing when I'm on the toilet. It's a 15" samsung i7 with 16gb of ram. It only takes 30 minutes to reset the Windows every 3 years, which makes a huge difference. I do it while on the toilet, so no skin off my back.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2021We are talking about 10-year-old machines, if you have not ... moreDepends some people can install all the trash in the world where malware and viruses might end up slowing down an otherwise faster newer machine

  • Carol

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2021We are talking about 10-year-old machines, if you have not ... moreSo, 2014 happened ten years ago? Just asking as apparently it is not just ignorance but also lack of basic mathematics. As for windows 10, well it was released in 2015, and no computer needs to be brought back to it"s original OS to be able to reset or install windows on it. Your knowlege about computers = 0, yet you mock others? A 2014 maschie will fly with an SSD and windows 10 if there are no enterprise works involved. If he uses an HDD, well he most probably does not load the hack out of his computer and knows how to stear away from ads and viruses, it is actually not that hard if one knows some computer basics...

  • Carol

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2021OS slowing down is due to incompetent software companies li... moreFirst things first, Microsoft, second, that company is one of the first to releasa an OS. Third, what were your achivements, besides: nothing to call microsoft incompetent? Incompetent are the users whom microsoft gave to much power in windows and had no idea what to do with it. Oh, you tought MAC is better? It really puzzles me how ignorance is a thing this days.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2021I'm sure 10 years ago there weren't Windows 10. S... moreI don't know exactly what this conversation is about but let me tell you. Laptops work way too longer.
I have a laptop with original windows 7 from the start and it still works without any issues. It's now 11 years old. Only thing degraded is battery. Battery only gives 1 hour actual charge right now so have to plug it as soon as it's started if using for long hours. Boot time is only less than a minute.

Also have another laptop with original windows 10 and it boots up in 12 seconds because of SSD. But of course it's a newer one bought last year and cannot be compared but I expect to use that also till next 10 years.

So yes windows laptops work way too longer than many people think. At least 10 years is something normal if you properly maintain it.

BTW I use most of the phones for an average of 4 years which I think is more than normal average of 2 years other people use.

Just wait for the price of phones to go up about 30 % to cove this BS..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2021Aren't HDDs outdated? We are talking about 10-year-old machines, if you have not following the thread. Someone claims his 10-year-old laptop runs Windows 10 as smoothly as the first day he got it with Windows 7.

  • Anonymous

TruthBeTold, 08 Sep 2021Did I mention that it's also running on hdd and not ss... moreI'm sure 10 years ago there weren't Windows 10. So you have to reset back to Windows 7 followed by upgrade to Windows 10, and then reinstall all the software you need? You got a lot of spare time. And no, I still don't believe you. You are just exaggerating. Boot time for Windows 10 is a lot longer than Windows 7.

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2021Obviously telling a lie... My i7 desktop takes ages to star... moreDid I mention that it's also running on hdd and not ssd? How about you stop comparing your virus infested porn library to machines whose owners know how to maintain their computers and how to do a clean reinstall of Windows from time to time?