The EU might require OEMs to provide 7 years of updates and spare parts for its phones

07 September 2021
The bill is proposed as a way to reduce e-waste.

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Anonymous, 07 Sep 2021Cameras are improving very very slow. And battery just need... moreSlowly? Didn't you notice that the massive jump from 2019 to 2020 where camera sensors went from average 1/2.55" sensors to sensors under 1/1.7" on mid range phone's while going as big as 1/1.3" sensors on flagships?

The EU wants 5 years. It's only the German government that pushes for 7 years.
I think 5 years are the sweet spot. But the EU should push also for user-replaceable Batteries. Like we had a until few years ago. It was normal to buy a new battery when your battery was getting worse. Not being able to change your battery, is one of the major reasons for electronic waste, besides the bad software support by many Android manufacturers.

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Do these EU boomers actually use phones and understand economics? If phone companies were to devote resources to maintaining updates for all models for 7 years, their cost of operation will rise and be passed to consumers.

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TruthBeTold, 07 Sep 2021So repairing a usb connector or even replacing the screen o... moreObviously telling a lie... My i7 desktop takes ages to start up windows 10 and you are saying your puny laptop runs as smooth as it does on the first day

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YUKI93, 07 Sep 2021While it does sounds like a good idea, 7 years is a bit too... moreCurrent chips last easy at least 4/5 years

The SOC manufacturers should all mainline their SOCs and batteries should be removable.

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Anonymous, 07 Sep 2021Oh, yes, also a charging brick in the box. This. Why aren't they requiring a charging brick in the box?

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Oh, yes, also a charging brick in the box.

While it does sounds like a good idea, 7 years is a bit too drastic for Android smartphones. Unlike iOS and Bionic chipset which is completely closed source to Apple's own environment, Android is more open source. And then there's the question of chipset makers posing an EOL to their existing chipset.

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Price hike on smartphone can be expected

Apple Samsung Google, 07 Sep 2021R.I.P. Chinese OEMs 😕 🤣🤣🤣You're out of your mind. EU shot themselves/shot us in the foot by this proposition. We'll turn into what India, South America and China used to be a couple of years ago - a haven for smartphones with cheaper/junk configurations - or they'll release less devices to our region. Or they'll leave our region altogether. It's a financial suicide for them to invest in area which requires from them to provide 7 years of support for obsolete products while other, more populated and increasingly wealthy regions require only a year or two.

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RealLifePhones, 07 Sep 2021They are somewhat doing their job for the first time and tr... moreDo cars get updates or are you talking about spare parts? Cars are a lot more expensive and require regular servicing. They're very different to phones and shouldn't be treated the same way.

Barry Egan, 07 Sep 2021what the Frick is wrong with the governments 😡😡They are somewhat doing their job for the first time and try to help people by lowering the cost of living a modern life?! You know this practice is already mandatory in other industries like the automotive industry and helped consumers save a whole lot of money while costing the car makers almost nothing, right?!

  • Lulu love

Better if they require batteries to be removable. weak battery is the main reason for new phone purchase.

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2021People will repair or continue using old phones, new ones w... moreEconomies of scale work exactly the opposite way.

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2021Most people stop repairing their phone due to economy reaso... moreSo repairing a usb connector or even replacing the screen of a 3-year-old phone costs as much as a brand new phone? You're probably buying some really cheap phones to begin with.

I don't see a reason why a $1200 phone shouldn't last as long as a $1200 laptop. My oldest laptop is 10 years old, runs window 10 without a hitch and is still as fast as it was on day 1.

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OhNom, 07 Sep 2021Where will they be cheaper?People will repair or continue using old phones, new ones will sit on shelves and as a result prices will drop. Storage costs cause price drops basically if they can't sell fast enough.

kek, 07 Sep 2021Five year old phones are like that if you buy cheap trash l... moreYou can't see people walking around with Lumia phones, so he has a valid point about 5-year old phones being obsolete because majority of the people will buy 1 every 2-3years.

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Dudenoway, 07 Sep 2021No. That is totally wrong. Less phones bought=less profit=e... moreNo, they ship phones regardless, which end up sitting on shelves, which costs inventory money the longer they sit, and price goes down further.

  • NotAFanboy

WhySooSerious, 07 Sep 2021I dont think this is gunna happen. Like ever!! No android ... moreHave you read the third passage thoroughly?