The EU might require OEMs to provide 7 years of updates and spare parts for its phones

07 September 2021
The bill is proposed as a way to reduce e-waste.

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  • AnonD-1016461

Lol EU has no power
I'm still waiting for them to make apple use USB-C
Or even make apple and Samsung premium devices to bring back charger (yes I know it happened for a few weeks but now in Germany you can't find Iphone 12 or S21 series with charger you need to buy it separately)
Tbh nowadays EU is Just talking they can't do anything

That's sweet of them but no one wants to keep a phone for that long.

Just wait half that and you'll already have an obsolete laggy piece of
junk with a dead battery. So seven years ?

Current phones aren't designed to last, period.
Maybe some of the early/mid 2000s were but current devices are just not designed to,
they're replacables, mostly unfixables, consumables goods.

That's just how they are by design and it's gonna take a lot more than 7 years of updates and spares to make them last that long.

  • Anonymous

AlexP, 07 Sep 2021I like this idea. Phones will be cheaperHow would phone be cheaper? I'm thinking if anything, it's going to be more expensive if they are not selling more.

I like this idea. Phones will be cheaper

One way or another, something has to be done about e-waste. Everyone can help at least a little bit by using their electronics for a longer period of time. Without regulation the companies don't do it themselves.

Every smartphone companies are sweating profusely right now xD

I wish the EU could enforce the 3.5mm Jack and IR unless there is a legit/valid reason for not including it (portless device, REALLY too thin device, an alternative, etc).

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Sep 20217 years is maybe a lot but 5 years sounds okay. Apple does ... moreApple offers years of updates because:

1) combo iphone/ipad/iOS is main source of revenue
2) Apple makes money with old phones, models are sold for years, while other stop making when next gen is announced.
3) Apple makes CPU and OS, much easier to support.

Funny thing is we are inside a pool of so many asinine things that one of the sensible things nowadays are being questioned, like this decision. Remember there was a time when we could replace out phones' batteries? Corporate greed made sure to get rid of that by manipulating the masses with different pretexts. Nobody questioned anything then! Also, EU has a compulsory warranty policy of 2 years while rest of the world has only 1. The warranty for all phones above 500 Euros should be 3 years though.

As I said, insensible things surround us now. So sensible things like this are being questioned. And I don't blame the corporate conglomerates anyway, I blame the stupid brainless kinds who are easily manipulated, have no basic sense to tell apart just from unjust. But what do you expect from the lots who spend more than half the day looking at mobile displays at first place. Even 'zombies' may posses more 'brain'.

  • Anonymous

Make it 70 years. Silicon chip technology, and most other areas of phones is topping out, so not much more raw performance is coming to upgrade to anyway. We can make phones not just last 17 years or more like in the past, but we can build them to last 70 years. Imagine an alloy body with no ports, no weaknesses and an replaceable front display face, and a replaceable rear battery. Even more, an electro wetting display with 70 years life. All done, the manufacturer sells one, and the buyer keeps fur the rest of their life, never needing to buy from the manufacturer again, and with great secondhand resell value if the buy another manufacturers phone, or die.

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2021If true, the EU bureaucracy is gone off the deep end. Se... moreIn case you haven't realised electronic waste is a huge problem and these companies are not going to solve the problem without legal requirements.

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R.I.P. Chinese OEMs 😕


Hopefully this will happen.

  • Anonymous

7 years is maybe a lot but 5 years sounds okay. Apple does it already, that is, to push many years of updates. Even OnePlus offered to replace the battery for free recently. At least to make the spares available would be good

  • Anonymous

smartphone makers try be all very good and caring of environment before the people but when it comes to doing anything to actually make a difference, they all are against it because that hurts their profits. For example, years of updates or spares are a thing that all manufactures are eager to end support of

  • Anonymous

If true, the EU bureaucracy is gone off the deep end.

Seven years is crazy and pointless. Even Apple doesn't offer this. It would raise prices and hamper innovation, as everything will be forced to be backwards-compatible for seven years.

  • Anonymous

Also, there's already one proposal for a 5-year period that's being discussed but, of course, smartphone makers aren't exactly on board with it. They want the mandatory minimum to be just three years.

Yeah well they want a lot of things but dont deliver even now more then 2 years of security updates. To be honest google probably is making only hand full security updates for one android generation as they pop out new update for android at least once in a year.

Welll we be happy even for 3 years of security updates. 7 years be a bit overkill. Most phones dont last even that long or at least the batteries they have. If you have a phones for 5 years and you thinking of new battery then probably best is to buy new phone. And how is making spare parts for 7 years help on e-waste ? It's not like smartphone brands stop making new models every week of a year. Brands who have like 20 models a year wont stop doing it. For making spare parts for 7 years that means all these brands can only have like 5 models for 2 years or something to make sense of making parts for 7 years. And why cant they scavenge the parts from old models or from the recycled phones that broke down for some reason or get screen damaged or what ever reason they end up in the recycling spots.

I dont think its smart to go out of way to treat compaines like enemies.
If companies increase the prices, it will kill budget segment.
Govt cant pass the bill to fix the prices.
If forced companies will just start sending 6mnths upadates , Instead of every 3 months.