The Realme Pad will have a 7,100 mAh battery with 18W Quick Charge

07 September 2021
This comes straight from Madhav Sheth himself. Expect more official details to be announced tomorrow.

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  • TabMaster

So much hype and they end up with a Tab A7 competitor LMAO
And 18w was considered quick charge when? 2018,2017? when phones had small batteries..

7.100 mAh with 18w? You will truly need to charge it overnight

  • Ron

Even Realme's lower midrange phones have faster charging. With G80, thick bezels & 18w charging this is a decidedly average offering.

Due to lack of serious competition in tablet sphere these companies can dish out substandard products and still hope to sell them in good numbers. Lenovo's tablets offer even lesser value. With Covid there is a surge in demand for tablets & these companies are trying to cash in.

  • Anonymous

Ridiculous. Please write 18W "Quick Charge" next time.

Come on 18W isn't quick charge