Lenovo unveils Tab P11 and P12 Pro 5G tablets

08 September 2021
The P12 Pro is bigger and much more powerful than the P11 Pro (SD730, 11.5").

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Anon, 09 Sep 2021Bro, there's no reason to differentiate between a phon... moreThere is a difference between tabs and phones. Any regular person wont need updates but if it's available then they would do it just incase. And a tab is used mostly for kids or as a productivity tool. And msot people buy ipads anyway which have long updates

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2021Lol, you must be rich to be able to change phones and table... moreBro people who can't buy tabs every year don't even know updates exist or something or they just ask other people. Like my grandma or my mom ask what are these things saying ot update my phone. Although my mom has finally learnt most of stuff in phone my grandma still only know how to text and how to call use Facebook and that's it.

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2021Couldn't samsung tablets do that too ?Not sure. Lenovo is the first tablet I've read about a tablet that does point this feature out.

AMOLED on a tablet is just perfect.

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Dudenoway, 09 Sep 2021Bro. A tab is not a phone. Like srsly a major os update may... moreBro, there's no reason to differentiate between a phone and tablet

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Lithuania, 08 Sep 2021I don't understand why so many people are so hung up o... moreLol, you must be rich to be able to change phones and tablets every year. We aren't as loaded as you and we keep using our devices for long.

TabMaster, 08 Sep 2021lol you get triggered fast, the 870 performs similar to the... moreBro. A tab is not a phone. Like srsly a major os update may bring bugs and security updates often bring more even if they remove some. Although on my phone even with the security updates or anything I never had any bugs so yea the security updates don't affect me. I just do them to make my phone not look outdated lol(I mean it is from 2018). And plus sd 870 may not be that much better to sd 865+ but the couple of small upgrades with a slightly smaller price tag with a much more clean ui would be worth it. Anyway people will buy ipad in the end. Because they probaly got brainwashed cuz apple is like 10x more expensive and also cuz of that fruit logo. Although alot of people know Samsung tab too people don't know any other brand tab

Duet 5 !!

  • Tano27

For those who complain, the price of the 5G version is out of proportion, that is not in dispute, but find out how much is an iPad Pro 5G or a Tab S7 Plus 5G And they will recognize that brands increase the price considerably with that connectivity.
Then, the only thing you need to look at is how much is the version with Wi-Fi, which is the one that the vast majority of people buy for their needs.
And I think the $610 starting price is great for what it offers, which will includes the Precision Pen 3 in the Box.
It is more if we compare with its predecessor model, the Tab P11 Pro from last year, we can affirm categorically, that it is device of Lenovo is worth buying, its price is fantastic, and it promises to be one of the best Tablets of 2021.

  • Tano27

Kevindb15, 08 Sep 2021I just want a successor of the Lenovo ideapad Duet I'm... moreLenovo will also release the IdeaPad Duet 5 which will have an 13.3 OLED panel, with the Snapdragon processor 7c Gen 2, 4/8 GB of ram, 64/128/256/ of internal storage, with autonomy up to 15 hours.
Its starting price is $430.

  • Tano27

Vikass17, 08 Sep 2021€900 before VAT !!! Other than amoled its almost mi pad 5 pro. Yes, the 5G version is very expensive and it is not worth paying that price unless in the next six months it drops by about €150.
Although we agree that all brands increase exponentially the cost of these devices when they sell with a 5G connection, which seems frankly exaggerated for me.
Anyway, the Wi-Fi version is the one that is really worth buying, and I think the starting price, $610, is very good and will be able to compete with Samsung's Tab S series, with the iPad Air fom Apple, and of course with the Mi Pad Pro 5 from Xiaomi.

Kevindb15, 08 Sep 2021I just want a successor of the Lenovo ideapad Duet I'm... moreNever mind they have lol

I just want a successor of the Lenovo ideapad Duet I'm using it right know and having chrome os on tablet is really good if you ask me. I just want it with more refined specs and better design.

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Too exxpensive

I was digging the tablet until I saw the price tag...

Where I'm from, getting the tab s7+ (open box 512GB going for about $700) will save me a few bucks compared to what Lenovo is offering

  • Lithuania

I don't understand why so many people are so hung up on software updates.
You don't even know how the UI will look on the next Android iteration, but you claim you absolutely need it anyway. Hilarious.

As for security, c'mon people, it's the same sandboxed Android. If you don't install shady cracked apps from dubious sources, you will be fine no matter if you're on Android 11 or Android 6.

When I'm buying a tablet, I would be perfectly ok with zero software updates, provided that out of the box version doesn't have any glaring bugs.

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Should be cheaper

  • PRC-HK 2047

blablameh, 08 Sep 2021except Lenovo is from TaiwanExcept Lenovo was founded in Beijing,China in 1984.

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Qimchi, 08 Sep 2021Finally a tablet that can be used as a drawing tablet and s... moreCouldn't samsung tablets do that too ?

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Will it compete mi pad 5 pro? And on that thought, why xiomi are silent about their launching it universally, for that matter, in India to me! I hope we can get them here sooner than it is taking to be.