Realme Pad is here with 10-inch screen, ultra-slim body and exciting price

09 September 2021
It is powered by a Helio G80 chipset and brings a 7,100 mAh battery.

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  • Anonymous

At that price, it's a good entry level tablet

  • 5to9and11to13

Well, Realme is trying to compete with least thats what i can recall because in the gsmarena news this article and the Xiaomi pad 5 at same time make me think about that.

But, way to far from Xiaomi on specs, ok maybe in price but who cares about mediafleck?! Baah

BBK all togheter cant compete with Xiaomi after all...even making this company called Realme just prove that OPPO and vivo alone wont make it thru. So the needs of Realme.

Even OnePlus is toasted nowdays.

rizki1, 09 Sep 2021Realme pad is a winner, tab a7 TFT screen on a 10 inches? l... moreg80 isnt faster than 662 they are equivalent, some becnhmarks g80 win, some 662 win and difference is small.

but sd 662 has advantage of having adreno gpu, in many games and task it will perform better than g80,
check this test here

and price is not much different and deffinetly worldwide A7 would be cheaper,

  • Anonymous

Wish they had 4/64 wifi only

  • Z E R O

rizki1, 09 Sep 2021Realme pad is a winner, tab a7 TFT screen on a 10 inches? l... moreTFT just another name of IPS from Samsung
same screen 10,4 inch with same resolution

G80 vs Snap 662, CPU just a small difference, not a big difference, just like G80built on 12nm and Snap 662 built on 11nm, but maybe G80 win in GPU side

and dont forget the software, One UI is way mature than Realme UI for Pad.

  • Travis999

10.4 is too big for my liking, I still prefer phablet sized, nexus lte or original Sammy Galaxy gtp1000 where the perfect size as far as I'm concerned.
Fully capable, not half crippled like the nexus, that's why I call them phablet, just giant phones, unlike tablets, often crippled.

Z E R O, 09 Sep 2021lets see Galaxy Tab A7 vs Realme Pad Realme pad is a winner, tab a7 TFT screen on a 10 inches? lol also G80 is faster than SD 662. Realme is way cheaper

  • Anonymous

Compares to the Alldocube iPlay 40 that's kinda disappointing

  • Z E R O

lets see Galaxy Tab A7 vs Realme Pad