Facebook and Ray-Ban's smart glasses leak ahead of launch

09 September 2021
They come in different shapes and colors.

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  • Anonymous

They are already lining up for them in the Philippines.

Do these glasses show Reptilians among people?

  • Sheryl S

Your reporting that @evleaks stolen the thunder and leaked the three models of these Facebook–Ray-Ban glasses is totally incorrect.

Renowned CNBC Senior Media & Entertainment Correspondent, Julia Boorstin, was the first to disclose these live on CNBC during the show, 'Halftime Report'.

Get your facts correct, for Pete's sake.

  • AnonD-940827

Duck of death, 09 Sep 2021At least they don't lie through their teeth about your... moreLie? Ehm. Mark denied it till it was fully proven. The only reason why he admitted it, was because he was caught.

  • Anonymous

Good job on killing your brand, Ray-Ban.

  • Anonymous

ae86, 09 Sep 2021What a way for Ray Ban to lose their brand reputation Thank you. It is good to know I am not the only one that would never go near or recommand their glasses after this point.

  • Anonymous

This should be illegal...

Tucking Fypo, 09 Sep 2021as a nerd I am starting to hate smart XYZ products now. sma... moreThat is precisely why I have stopped embracing wireless audio and now going back wired. No more worries about recharging my wireless Bluetooth headphones and earbuds every six to eight hours. The easy-yet-effective plug-and-play solution from wired headphones or earphones is still a complete no brainer.

  • Dengusoft

If the glass could be used as a display or like 3D glasses...you could compress a movie of all your lectures.Just make them more useful for students to cheat exams with someday.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2021I personally would not buy a device that is made by Faceboo... moreOr microphone. 👍👍🤟

AnonD-940827, 09 Sep 2021Yeah, let Facebook see and sell everything you see! Faceboo... moreAt least they don't lie through their teeth about your privacy and security, like the criminals at Apple.

  • Anonymous

"Recall that creepy company that misused and abused your personal info by selling them to the highest bidder, often without your consent?

You can now wear their product everywhere! Allow them to see what you see! What's not to like?"

I can see the ad forming in my head already. Centralized data collectors are the *best* to give as much of (your) info as possible...

On-glasses cameras got big potential, we just need more competition there for it to get better be it for videos, stills or battery. Neckband battery would be great to not strain nose or ears.

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2021I'd prefer it if these weren't backed by facebook... moreWithout data harvesting there is no business model to make money with this crap.

Friendly advice to anyone I know: just don't, ok? Don't.

Peeping at you is not enough, no FB wants to peep the world through you.

FB and RB: We look at the world with your own eyes and live stream it so that we can see it too and use it to serve you better adds, cause you know us, we want to support your local business to evolve.

Users: Can I get it for free.

FB and RB: No, you buy it and we use your data to serve you better adds. Win win situation for us. You can use out services for free though. That's how it works

Users: ---

Tucking Fypo, 09 Sep 2021as a nerd I am starting to hate smart XYZ products now. sma... moreOnce I heard: smartphones just make you unsmart :)

  • Evgeni

Awful as almost all Ray-Ban products

  • Anonymous

I'd prefer it if these weren't backed by facebook. Try another company with audio and camera experience but little data harvesting... maybe Sony?

Jacek, 09 Sep 2021Imagine possibility of enhanced reality while looking throu... moreYea that would be great. Execpt for the fact thta fb like it is will now sell ur face details and will make an even more smart way to hear ur private conversations.