Facebook and Ray-Ban's smart glasses leak ahead of launch

09 September 2021
They come in different shapes and colors.

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Akinaro, 09 Sep 2021Nothing more than rebranded Instagram glasses with probably... moreI agree! And also nothing more than just fb doing the classic old privacy stealing. This time thier going to see ur face details and an even more smart way to listen to ur private conversations in home or anywhere else.

as a nerd I am starting to hate smart XYZ products now. smart mask, beard razor, water bottle, shoes, glasses, bands. i have lots smart products but i still go back to my normal analogue watch, normal shoes, straight razor, normal water bottle, simple leather wallet and all other simple day to day things. the constant recharging stuff and the SMART novelty factor wears out for me pretty soon but this is all very subjective.

  • Nick

Epson Moverio, looks a lot better and doesn't sell you privacy.

Nothing more than rebranded Instagram glasses with probably some cheap BT module for calls...
Device made purely just for showoff without any actual usefulness, Not like Ray-Bans had any actual "quality" and reputation to begin with, so that deal with Facebook will not change anything, especially not market...

What a way for Ray Ban to lose their brand reputation

  • Anonymous

Facebook moment everybody

Another device to sell ur privacy

  • Anonymous

now we can spy more

Considering the amount of spam Ray-Ban does to people's profiles, this is actually a match made in you-know-where. Lol

  • AnonD-940827

Yeah, let Facebook see and sell everything you see! Facebook only exists because of the theft of innocent peoples information, that mark sells forward to the world!

Gj Ray-Ban, you just killed your own brand.

YUKI93, 09 Sep 2021This would be great for someone who frequently do live stre... moreImagine possibility of enhanced reality while looking through such glasses - comparing prices in stores, GPS navigation with info about POIs...

  • Anonymous

I see speaker grilles, microphone holes and of course the front camera. Speakers and microphones I already know are useful from wearing Bose Frames daily as prescription glasses but the camera I'm not sure of. Pictures maybe but without a viewfinder there'll be a lot of misses. We move our heads around a lot so for video it'll need great OIS and EIS, along with a big battery or the ability to charge it while in use. I don't know of a single pair that can be charged in use for e.g. video calls at a desk and that's my biggest complaint about smart glasses.

  • Anonymous

I personally would not buy a device that is made by Facebook and has an integrated camera.

A few years ago when Google Glass was first released, I hoped that by this time we'd already have real augmented reality smartglasses like in sci-fi. That would have been amazing. This looks like just ordinary glasses with a camera attached to them.

This would be great for someone who frequently do live streaming via Facebook (which, contrary to popular belief, is actually very popular). But other than that, I can't see a reason to buy this.