Leaked photos show an Infinix phone with an 108MP main camera, 5x periscope

09 September 2021
The first time we saw a periscope on an Infinix was the concept phone that demonstrated the company's 160W fast charging system.

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Lykan, 10 Sep 2021Well, still using the zero 4 plus atm 😁Great!

That's Infinix for you, more durable and less expensive

  • Khan

Very beautiful mobile

  • Anonymous

joe nodden, 10 Sep 2021Watch as they pull a Tecno and cripple it with a terrible c... moreImagine using processors for midrange phones (G95) on a flagship

  • Sheikh

Get me this free....?

  • MD Mehedi hasan Abdu

In my hot 10s there is no full screen option they should add it xos new update my 13000taka sucks

  • Anonymous

no one gives a * about infinix , y'all getting paid to put their news

  • Text

Olym1mk2, 10 Sep 2021Not megapixels, that's for sure. It is Meter

  • Icekilla

Infinix sucks at releasing software updates

Nick Tegrataker, 10 Sep 2021What do you think?Not megapixels, that's for sure.

As infinix is this might end up with g96. I guess even dimensity 900 or 1200 would be good. Or sd 765g or above. The camera is looking great. That finish on the back is buetiful. But never judge a book by its cover so.

if it is going have helio g96 then .......... no thanks

Aierlan, 10 Sep 2021Software, I dunno but all of these brands basically use har... morethe overall specs of their phones compared to their prices and the built quality all falls in the hardware category.

  • Anonymous

G90 is ok. But Infinix needs to level up and use Dimensity for their flagship device.

FatShady, 09 Sep 2021that's a nice finish on the back, shame not many will ... moreSoftware, I dunno but all of these brands basically use hardware from the same suppliers anyway so if they are using terrible hardware equally other brands are too (on some of their phones). Highly doubtful that this small brand designs or makes its own phones anyway. Xiaomi for example outsources the design and manufacture to ODMs for over 70% of their phones (basically almost all redmi phones) and Lenovo (probably including motorola) does so for over 80%. There's a good chance that Infinix does the same.

  • Lykan

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2021What's the processor? The G95 again?It's coming with the G96 ....i was really hoping they do better 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Lykan

Mikele, 09 Sep 2021Not true Infinix had reputation on their hardwares and s... moreWell, still using the zero 4 plus atm 😁

Olym1mk2, 09 Sep 2021If it's 108MP, then why does it say only 108M? Explain... moreWhat do you think?

Watch as they pull a Tecno and cripple it with a terrible chipset.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2021What's the processor? The G95 again?G9(6) -_-
Do anyone knows why in the world they don't use 5G chips? Or did I missed anything

soo,, Infinix finally trying to try Flagship phone, hopeful not just for HALO effect