The vivo X70 series is headed to India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the UAE and other regions

10 September 2021
There's no exact timing of the launch or pricing. Also note that some countries will not be getting all three models.

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  • Anonymous

LOL, while everyone were avoiding the slow and sluggish Exynos processor made by Samsung, Vivo go and take up Exynos. The end for those bought Exynos powered Vivo phone. After a while, it slows down, heat up easily, and battery feels warm when the processor cannot handle it. Not my words, go to YouTube and search: Samsung S21 Exynos vs Snapdragon.

  • Old European

"the old continent"...
Yeah, your origin!

  • Joe mama

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2021Not even 2100 can reach 865. Let alone 1080. Actually the numbering is confusing leading you to think 2100 is better than the 1080 but in reality the 1080 is a very capable chip and equal to 865/870

  • Anonymous

abitcuriousabitgeek, 10 Sep 2021Actually, it is on par with SD865+: moreNot even 2100 can reach 865.
Let alone 1080.

  • Bob

Disappointing to read that there are no plans for a European release.

Including the dimensity 1200 on the x70 series is a disapointing decision considering the x60/x60 pro (global version) has a the more powerful and better thermally efficient sd870. At least the x70 pro should have gotten the sd870.

  • Anonymous

I am from Malaysia, the launch date of the X70 series in Malaysia is on Sep 22 7:30 GMT+8 I bet other regions launch are also very near that timeframe too.

  • Anonymous

So the Global X70 replaced OriginOS for Funtouch OS but still retain that Dimensity 1200 chipset. That is going to be a tough decision considering that the Global X60 is powered by Snapdragon 870. Global X70 Pro swaps Exynos 1080 for Dimensity 1200 and drops the V1 custom ISP chip. So reallly, it's the X70 Pro+ that remains unchanged.

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2021On pair with 855+Actually, it is on par with SD865+:

  • Anonymous

Fanboy of All brands, 10 Sep 2021I am interested in the Pro and Pro Plus model. They offer i... moreOn pair with 855+

They should bring them to Europe.

Not bringing to Europe is the loss of Vivo. They didn't bring Vivo X60 Pro+ also. So I am tired of waiting for them to arrive in Europe. Looking for something new.

great specs and good looking device 👏👏

At last a phone coming with no compromises from vivo .

I am interested in the Pro and Pro Plus model. They offer incredible cam, display, performance, design, specs, and charging speed for less than samsung, apple, and huawei.

Is eyxnos 1080 good? And how powerful is it?