What to expect (and not) from Apple's September 14 event

12 September 2021
The new iPhone 13 series will take center stage and it will almost certainly be joined by the Apple Watch Series 7. 

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so no BIG changes, only small ones (its better than nothing)... But i dont see why u included that last part with the macs, dont they usually get announced in October?

rizki1, 12 Sep 2021nothing special, nothing big upgrade.. apple just want your... moreIt's the same story every year

Well answer what to expect is very simple.
More copy and paste technology and nothing new.

nothing special, nothing big upgrade.. apple just want your money more for their new phones. apple it is like EA in smartphones.

  • Nikojas

Apple say " we've removed the charger for the environment." Then each year bring out a new charger making last year's one obsolete to encourage people to get the new one!