Huawei schedules a new product launch event for October 21

11 September 2021
It's expected to announce the P50 series for the global markets.

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Anonymous, 14 Sep 2021There has never been a shred of evidence of spyare in Huawe... moreOh yes, Huawei and most android phones have spyware, it's called Google.

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2021There is a fundamental difference between a regulated compa... moreSame does everyone. That was marketing issue.

  • MeangeniustheLoser

Huawei is the bestest. All this talk about them is political propaganda. They did nothing wrong. HarmonyOS is going to save Huawei.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2021not sure whats funnier, the fact that this company is still... moreAlmost all the US Command's communications in Afghanistan were over Huawei infrastructure. What does that tell you about 'national security'?

You can purchase Huawei routers in the US.

National security is not why Huawei has been 'banned' by some countries. National security is simply the excuse that some are using and some of those countries were literally bullied into banning Huawei. The UK's about turn is a classic example and is costing it billions in a slower roll out of 5G, forced rip and replace and having to pay more with basically only two providers to choose from.

Over 30 years of Huawei serving a third of the world's population's communications needs and nothing has ever appeared which would be considered a national security issue. The US has tried very hard to find some real evidence for over a decade and never found anything. When asked outright by a German official, the reply was 'a smoking gun is not necessary'.

Huawei is the most scrutised ICT company on the planet. Its ICT related source code in inspected continuously by governments like the UK government. A back door has never been found. You will find plenty of 'claims' on the Internet but you won't find the back doors.

Huawei offered its ENTIRE 5G technology stack for licencing to a US consortium. Source code included. Everything. The offer was rejected, and with it any notion of national security issues.

Current legal efforts within the US are based on re-opening previously settled civil cases. That's how desperate the US is.

In the extradition case for Huawei's CFO we now know that the US deliberately excluded slides from the famous PowerPoint presentation that effectively prove Meng's innocence. The US has even tried 'sting' operations against the company. Everything has failed.

In fact, such is the Keystone Cops nature of US efforts against Huawei, that if you go way back to when legal proceedings began, the US included a company that had no connection whatsoever with Huawei but simply had the word 'Huawei' in its name.

The irony of the US calling for 'clean' networks is not lost on the rest of the world when the US has proven to contaminate networks in virtually every way imaginable.

Then of course with have information about Operation Shotgiant etc.

In the meantime, Huawei is still allowed to operate in many Western countries. National Security? No.

This is protectionism, pure and simple. The US simply doesn't want China to overtake it in some areas. So it is trying to destroy Huawei (the Chinese tech champion). The effort will (in fact, is already) backfire in dramatic fashion as Huawei and China in general accelerate its plans for technological independence. An organisation representing the interests of over 1,000 US companies in the semi conductor industry wrote directly to the White House warning of the damage the Huawei ban would cause. That damage is now done but it will take a couple of years (Huawei claims around two) for the bigger impact to be registered.

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Anonymous, 13 Sep 2021not sure whats funnier, the fact that this company is still... moreThere has never been a shred of evidence of spyare in Huawei phones. Period. Anyone who believes otherwise is American.

  • Anonymous

not sure whats funnier, the fact that this company is still alive or the lunatics down below completely trusting china and saying they are innocent and definitely arent famous for spyware in their devices

  • jusknittin

Duck of death, 13 Sep 2021Are we still supposed to care about this spyware dispenser?Well, you don't have to so please don't use "we" because I bet that there are about 2 billion people still care. I don't have hard evidence about that number but same goes to your "spyware" allegation.

  • Anonymous

Duck of death, 13 Sep 2021Are we still supposed to care about this spyware dispenser?This isn't an article about Google.

Are we still supposed to care about this spyware dispenser?

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2021Anyone who want third party apps won't buy Huawei phones. But i did

DJaremko1982, 12 Sep 2021Are they gona blow the lid off once more in the camera depa... moreu don't want to be tracked by us via google no?

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2021Stop spreading FUD and do a search. Here is a headline ... moreFUD?

This is how US semiconductor interests are affected.

Huawei was the third largest purchaser of US manufactured semiconductors. To give you an idea of what that means, it is over 11 billion US dollars annally. Some US companies saw a 60% hit in revenues as a direct result of losing business with Huawei. Those are revenues that they need to plough back into R&D for future products and to keep US interests up with the pack.

Over 130 US companies have requested licences to do business with Huawei. Google of course being one of them, seeing as Huawei has been forced to create its own version of GMS (which has shown absolutely astounding growth over the last two years). The last thing Google wanted seeing as Petal Search is now estimated to be one of the world's major search engines (directly competing with Google and at some point Google will have to pay Huawei to get Google Search defaulted onto HarmonyOS devices). Now Huawei has brought to market a GMail competitor. How long do you think it will be before Huawei launches a YouTube alternative where content creators can place their content?

So what is the direct impact of the ban beyond US interests? Firstly, Huawei will take some of those 11 billion US dollars and happily put them into non-US companies, giving those companies more R&D dollars to compete with their US counterparts. Then it will take more of those dollars and get into manufacturing components itself - including the foundry business. Well, this is already happening.

HiSilicon, far from shutting down its efforts, has increased its staffing and is actively recruiting top talent from around the world. Including from TSMC.

Now, TSMC of course is royally annoyed by not being able to serve Huawei due to a US extraterritorial order simply because a small part of its manufacturing process uses US technology and this ban was an 'after the fact' order, effectively changing the rules of play mid-game. A double whammy that saw them lose its second biggest customer (more billions of dollars) and see that customer being forced to become a competitor! Their worst nightmare come true and for no fault of their own.

Can it get any worse?

ASML is also royally annoyed by US government pressure to stop it supplying Chinese companies.

And we are still waiting for actual proof of national security issues. Can you give me one single reason why Huawei phones have to be banned and other Chinese brands aren't? No. You can't, because if the claim is that China can force its will onto Huawei in some way, it can definitely force it onto other Chinese handset manufacturers too.

This is NOT about national security.

5G is STANDARDS based. SECURITY is standards based as well. And for good reason. Now, which company has already passed all of the 5G security certifications set by the standards bodies? Do I need to tell you?

So, the upshot is that Huawei is going to surgically strip away all US dependencies and use non-US options while accelerating its own plans for self sufficiency.

Is the Pentagon worried about this? You bet! It is precisely why they actually blocked early attempts by the commerce department to intensify the US ban on Huawei.

Of course, the only thing that worried Trump was seeing China overtake the US on 'his watch'. He didn't give a hoot if the resulting problems would be on someone else's watch!

And they will be, because in Huawei's own words, they estimate it will take two years, tops, to reach their goals.

There is no FUD here. Just facts.

This product announcement in October will be one of many over the next two years and we might even see a 3nm Kirin chip earlier than anyone ever expected and with zero US technology involved.

  • Anonymous

RIP Huawei! Still a phone that noone can get due to UncleSAms ban by Samsung/Apple hired lobbyist.

Are they gona blow the lid off once more in the camera department..... But I wouldn't be able to use Google apps play store........

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2021Stop spreading FUD and do a search. Here is a headline ... moreFUD?

Ok. I did a search using your query. I got exactly ONE result back. It was specifically about a question on the Pentagon (not US military) and if you care to actually read the article, it includes this snippet:

"However, the deputy secretary said he could not say if U.S. defense contractors are using Huawei equipment."

Who is spreading FUD?

What you need to do is answer my direct questions to you.

It may be ironic for you to learn this but it was the Pentagon which initially pushed back against Trump (Commerce Department) plans to intensify the Huawei ban. Although Trump eventually won out, the Pentagon was worried about the negative impact on the ability for US technological interests to compete down the line.

  • Mingkare

If huawei is treath for EU than Google should be banned First. Google actualy is a treath for EU.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2021No, what I understand is that you are making unsubstantiate... moreNo evidence has ever been presented by foreign intelligence agencies that Huawei is funded or connected to the Chinese government or military.

No evidence has ever been presented by foreign intelligence agencies that Huawei is a security risk in any way and should be subject to a ban based on any risk.

Those claims are unsubstantiated and made without any proof whatsoever.

Huawei is the world leader in 5G technology and their top selling smartphones were entering the North American market whilst the supposed trade war was happening. The bans were clearly politically motivated and national security risk was merely an excuse with the US pressuring its allies to do the same. UK, France and Germany were not in favour of the bans at the outset. And neither did UK intelligence agencies find any security risk after vetting Huawei network equipment.

You obviously haven't been following the developments and is simply regurgitating all the lies.

  • Anonymous

Avon B7, 12 Sep 2021US military command in Afghanistan had little option but t... moreStop spreading FUD and do a search.

Here is a headline from 2015:

"Pentagon, Military Block Use of Chinese Telecom Gear"

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2021No, what I understand is that you are making unsubstantiate... moreFunded by the military. How could you know who is funding the company?

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2021You are spreading disinformation, the US military, and most... moreUS military command in Afghanistan had little option but to use Huawei infrastructure for such a large operation. What the US military does or does not do regarding Huawei equipment for its own procurement is pretty much irrelevant. Your 2015 claim is false as much later than that US Generals were finally coming to the realisation that Huawei could be present further down in the supply chain. That is when things started to get corrected. I can cite GE as a specific case of interest. It wasn't until. 2018 that US military bases received information on the use of Huawei gear.

As for your 'allies' claim, which allies are you referring to? Name names please and we'll see how many outright bans emerge. As things stand right now, the US 'campaign' against Huawei has been largely unsuccessful. Huawei claims to have signed over 90 commercial 5G contracts. When that tally stood at 60, Huawei said more than half were in Europe. The US is currently panicking because Africa is swinging towards Huawei (and China in general). In the middle east it is using outright threats (case of Saudi Arabia) to try and keep Huawei from winning 5G contracts. Yes, on top of universally imposed extraterritorial 'sanctions', the US thinks it can pull the strings in sovereign nations.

But, as I said, this isn't about national security. Have you stopped to consider how the Internet moves data around? Almost all of it travels through high-speed undersea optical cabling and guess which company has laid thousands of km of that and provided the technology at the landing points?

Disinformation? No.

Do your own research and tell me exactly where the
disinformation is.