Epic Games v. Apple ruling: iPhone-maker wins the antitrust lawsuit, but it must allow use of alternative in-app payment methods

11 September 2021
Both companies were engaged in a legal battle since last August.

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Both of them are very greedy. Apple is greedy because of their ridiculous 30% pay cut. Epic is greedy because they want the same money which is again ridiculous for consumers but donโ€™t want to pay anything to a platform owner by virtue of which it is earning money. To be honest EPIC doesnโ€™t need this much money.. there are way better online games like Apex legends which is a much harder development and still earns way less and they are passionate about what they do.Fortnite was a money chugging machine which focuses way more to costumes and purchases rather than the gameplay itself.

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This is why developers prefer Android unless they want to part of some weird cult

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Big win for small or medium developers.

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CptPower, 11 Sep 2021I cant wait a day someone will declare apple as harmfull co... moreWorst company on the planet.
When the founder is caught openly quoting about stealing, we know what kind of work culture they must be part of..

I cant wait a day someone will declare apple as harmfull company and forces it to stop doing what they doing forewer.
Bad habbits, slavery, bribery and many else was always one way to win for apple.
Wonder what should happen if someone finds the judge was heavily bribed.

Barry Egan, 11 Sep 2021evil corporations win .. always ๐Ÿ‘ŽIn a fight of evil corporation vs evil corporation, it is evil corporation that always wins.

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Barry Egan, 11 Sep 2021evil corporations win .. always ๐Ÿ‘ŽPeople don't care about their life or they just can't understand what's going on
People are always stronger in any term but they wake when things are in the edge of falling

evil corporations win .. always ๐Ÿ‘Ž

both of vendors are so funny

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Daany, 11 Sep 2021The judge is terribly high on something... The summary of t... moreProbably because that was before the judgment, and the judgment doesn't apply retroactively.

The judge is terribly high on something... The summary of the judgement prevents Apple from restricting or stopping developers from including alternate(direct) in-app payment, right? Why then did the judge make Epic Games pay Apple 30% of what's already gotten from it's own alternate direct payment?

This is redundancy... That judge doesn't seem clean to me.

I kind of saw this coming. I don't like Apple or Google but it IS their platform and they agreed to terms and conditions regarding having the games on those platforms.

That being said, pretty cool that those platforms can't do anything about the alternative ways to make payments through the games. Even Steam can enjoy payments through their systems instead of Apple/Google's.

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everyone is right in their own view.

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Quite obvious that Apple paid the judge off for a lenient outcome.

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kek, 11 Sep 2021"Those claims have been quashed, though, as Judge Roge... moreThere is a new Open Markets Bill coming soon to congress and senate and it's likely to pass as it has bipartisan support and it will absolutely hammer Apple and Google.

I think this is a win for consumers because they can choose a lower priced option where developers have not included Apple's 30% fee! Good for freedom of choice..

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"Those claims have been quashed, though, as Judge Rogers said that "Given the trial record, the Court cannot ultimately conclude that Apple is a monopolist under either federal or state antitrust laws."

I sometimes wonder if the FBI or the IRS checks these judges bank account when they are in charge of these cases. It would be pretty weird if there wasnt any bribery going on.