Infinix Zero X, X Pro and Z Neo unveiled with periscope cameras

13 September 2021
All three are powered by the Helio G95 chipset and have high refresh rate screens - a 120Hz AMOLED in the case of the Pro and vanilla models.

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Impressive. But, if only Infinix had made use of a much better processor, say something from the Dimensity lineup, it would have made more sense, then throw in a very competitive pricing, then we can easily have the best Infinix phone of all time.

Mikele, 13 Sep 2021Kudos Infinix Finally great photography experience is co... moreOh yeah 8 MP sensors are so great, with that outdated Mediatek chipset, the price is not surprising at all...

  • Sunfin

Recycling the same G95 chip on every smartphone. Use SD for god's sake.

  • tooold

so cool but g95?

Kudos Infinix

Finally great photography experience is coming to basic level of the society with few $$ compares to other OEMs

Can't wait for Zero X Pro to complement my Huawei P40 Pro daily usage on Google Maps if any 👏

Edit: I'm thinking of BLU instead lmao

I sometimes forgot Infinix is based in Miami and not China.

James.D, 13 Sep 2021Fair enough, but consumers will pay extra for the future pr... moreProbably in 3yrs when the company has embraced 5G. Here in Africa 5G adoption is zero!

Bravo Infinix 💕

  • Anonymous

James.D, 13 Sep 2021What I don't understand is why infinix would not use a... moreIt will not make sense when country like Nigeria is they're key market mind u no 5g in Nigeria for now

  • Anonymous

The glitter in the back panel looks really cheap

Ibrahim Babban Yaro, 13 Sep 2021There's Only Two Android Phone In Nigeria' Infini... moreIgnorant statement. I bet the Tecno brand sells more.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2021When 5G arrives in such places, people will no longer be us... morePeople from third world country uses phone for more than 5 years

  • Magnaroader

Infinix has come a long way from their "hot 2" Android One phone series. Too bad they still suck at OS updates (as in they never release any).

  • Anonymous

It could be a hit, if it featured a dimencity chip (the 1100).
What a mess !

They are frequent users of mediatek chipsets as long as I Remember. So most likely their flagship should equip with their 1200 or 2000 platform.

  • Ibrahim Babban Yaro

There's Only Two Android Phone In Nigeria' Infinix And Others!!!

  • Hasssou

If only infinix tries to move over to new chipsets. G95 is almost a g90t, a chipset we saw in a redmi note 8 pro literally two years ago now, they sometimes make some good looking phones with enough storage and specs in general but it always get ruined by an old or weak mediatek chipset

  • Zibisco

If Infinix had used Dimensity 1200, 1000, 900 in these models they would've managed to sell them in good numbers. Using Helio G95 is disastrous.

  • MAZA

You're welcome Infinix

  • Anonymous

Absolute blunder in the choice of over 2 year old chipset