Xiaomi Smart Glasses announced as a "wearable device concept"

14 September 2021
"An engineer's look into an advanced future", the company says.

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  • Ranjit singh

There should be high quality camera which should show live ways ,roads .in day light and night also
should help for less vision person ,and should be help who are suffering , night blindness .

  • Jerry

shiba, 14 Sep 2021These things will create more accidents whether you're... moreNot until apple create theirs before you accept smart glasses, right? I give the Chinese giant thumps up

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2021MIUI 12.5 is literally the best right now I haven't received the 12.5 update yet so I don't know

  • Jorge Oppo Nazi Lega

Daredevil likes this glasses

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2021What bugs and limitations? Well, there are still some UI header misalignments, sometimes the screen will randomly switch to 60Hz and I have to manually revert it to 90Hz, the proximity sensor is kinda janky and the MIUI stock launcher is too barebones, even compared to the Poco Launcher. And now I'm forced to use it if I want nav gestures to work. Themes rarely apply correctly, I have to turn off MIUI optimization in order to update Vanced and then turn it on again, but then all the permissions are reset. And there are a few other minor annoyances... Xiaomi didin't even bother to implement some native A11 features like Notification History. And there's barely any consistency in design across its UI elements. I can live with all these for what I paid for my phone, but I'm not gonna pretend like MIUI is some outstanding piece of software.

zillion, 14 Sep 2021Maybe you are a huge fan of james bond. LolOk

JustSomeRandomGuy, 14 Sep 2021said no one but fanboys like you. OneUI is much better, nex... moreI am coming from one ui (Galaxy Note 9).
Mi mi 11 Ultra can't stop flying when running miui 12.5. The smoothest experience ever.
Even Gsmarena confirmed it in their review on miui 12.5 based Mi 11 series device. You don't even have an account. Why should anyone trust you?

  • Anonymous

pufanu, 14 Sep 2021Mi10 stock Global EU rom. Don't get me wrong, MIUI isn... moreWhat bugs and limitations?

  • JustSomeRandomGuy

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2021MIUI 12.5 is literally the best right now said no one but fanboys like you. OneUI is much better, next is stock Android look with additional features like ZenUI

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2021MIUI 12.5 is literally the best right now Haven't received 12.5 update yet so I can't say about it but miui 12 is buggy

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2021Which phone are you using? Mi10 stock Global EU rom. Don't get me wrong, MIUI isn't bad, but it's still got some stupid bugs and limitations. It's better than other Android skins in some areas but worse in others.

  • Anonymous

hypnosis directly to human eyes

repeat forever
... use xiaomi ...
... use apple ...
compliance will be rewarded

  • Mark

KISTY, 14 Sep 2021I really disagree! I'm using Xiaomi phones for the pas... moreAgree with the comment. They have amazing technology at a competitive price.

  • eddieday13

I swear Xiaomi make the most ridiculous tech as well as phones

  • Anonymous

pufanu, 14 Sep 2021I'm currently using it and no, it's definitely no... moreWhich phone are you using?

  • Anonymous

YES, 14 Sep 2021right after the google glass just refined the techGoogle Glass was never available to public, it was forever in beta stage until it shut down

  • Weenink

I need a pair please what's in my eyes.

  • Anonymous

Nerd glasses 😎😎😂😂😆🤣🤣

  • YES

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2021Xiaomi bringing innovation yet again! right after the google glass just refined the tech

  • Anonymous

The next stage is the implant in the brain