The Samsung Galaxy S22 series will not use under display cameras, says Ice Universe

14 September 2021
We knew it was coming - Samsung's only UDC module so far is not fit to serve as the only selfie camera on a flagship phone.

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  • Forever hopeful..

The 22 should bring back the 1440p screen, at least on the 22+ and above; last year was definately a downgrade. Expanable storage would also be nice.

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2021Uncle LongPost on fire today Haha, yeah, those people who can't see nor understand extremely obvious things or refuse to acknowledge facts and still think their personal opinion is still more valid are so tiring.
I prefer throwing a huge/long post they won't answer to rather than losing time debating.
And anyway I don't even answer for them (many didn't understand that), but for all the influential persons who have a big impact on the smartphone market who actually do read long posts.

  • Anonymous

Demongornot, 16 Sep 2021Wrong, every company who invested on their employee and cus... moreUncle LongPost on fire today

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2021focusing on the product make most profit, is the logical wa... moreWrong, every company who invested on their employee and customers got much more money.
You can find countless examples of companies who tripped their production with some salary increase and working time reduction.
Companies that are close to their customers are the one who grow the fastest, which is exactly why Star Citizen did beat so many records, because they have no publishers and get close to their community, that's also by pretending to do that, that OnePlus got where they are today.

For the quadrillionth time :
And it happens to be, the ONLY one where the community is so aggressive against ANYTHING that doesn't suit their individual tastes or follow the trend.

Sure, because you are an engineer who do it, so you know?
In this case, go and contact most niche/small companies like Blackview, Ulefone, AGM, Doogee, Cubot, TCL, Alcatel and Itel.
Because they are clearly not aware of this difficulty despite them being much smaller than other big popular companies with their, respectively :
5.7" Blackview BV6600E
5.5" Uleone Armor X9
5.7" AGM H3
5.5" Doogee X93
5.99" Cubot Note 9
5.5" TCL L7
5" Alcatel 1, 2021 version
and 5.7" itel A26.
Which I literally found by searching using only two filters (3 month old) and (less than 6") on Kimovil.

Yeah, sure, which is exactly why car manufacturers can make profits out of some low volume produced cars, despite a car requiring MUCH MORE R&D, cost and time than a phone to be made and that for certain concept can only re-use so much components while a phone will still have a bazillion identical things available.
Product support, lets talk about this mutated unicorn then, out of ALL the widely used OS, Android is the ONLY ONE who require to basically have one unique OS per device.
The funny part is that it is build from Linux which itself follow the normal route of having a single OS + drivers that allow to NOT stupidly lose your time trying to support one OS per device, in fact, even Huawei is doing better FROM Android with Harmony that have the ability to allow apps having a native support of the phone hardware, like being able to use Telephoto, Ultra-Wide, Macro, etc in any third party apps, that Android is not made to do.

Once again, smartphones, and Android in particular are the EXCEPTION, the ONLY place where active standards are removed without any replacement, the only thing that have displays with holes/dents, the only thing that have convex curved display, the only equipment that both put a heavy emphasis on camera while being expensive and use stupidly low resolution 2Mp sensors, and the list goes on and on.

The issue is that EVERYTHING except a single phone design per price range and set of feature will become less and less available.
And it is happening because people like you are saying what you are saying right now, defending this completely unintuitive and nonsensical thing that is happening and helping it to become more and more permanent.

It has nothing to do with money, which is exactly why some popular trends did die, this includes the Samsung Note series.
The smartphone OEMs are NOT looking anymore at what sell the most or what people want, they simply ONLY push the SAME thing again and again, kill off everything that is different, make everything being the same product, and enforce themselves what will be the next popular design/feature regardless of people opinion, EXCEPT when enough people are loud enough about it.
Which even there does only RARELY work, because there is always so many idiots to oppose themselves to things that have nothing to do with them, like all the anti 3.5mm Jack idiots who probably didn't even know why they fought against it except for being a mindless drone who brainlessly follow trend because his primitive reasoning and social acceptance instinct told him to, that the issue remain the same :
When in a market, you have so many people against EVERYTHING, without NO LOGIC OR REASONS behind that, it becomes near impossible to filter the difference between what is disliked because it is an awful idea or because people in the smartphone community are stupid, which make market analyst unable to perform their jobs, shareholders unable to push companies in the right direction that they think from observing and reading opinion and comments who want what, and OEMs to have a PROPER user feedback with constructive criticisms.

That's why the smartphone market is like it is, because the community is awful, and OEMs basically said "screw it, they don't deserve our time and efforts, they are never happy whatever we do, let's just crank capitalism at 200% and force them into the same products, it won't matter if they like it or not as they won't have any other choices".
But certainly NOT "this untapped niche that could get us a xx% guaranteed return on investment and user loyalty that every other industry and markets in the world except for us "smartphone OEMs" seem juicy, let's totally ignore it despite having already 95% off everything we need for making such product available easily" as you may think for some reasons.

And I don't care what you THINK, whatever is your OPINION, it is still a FACT that EVERY OTHER MARKETS do have VARIETY, AND, DO make niche products.
At this point, even fricking nail-clippers and toothbrushes have more diversity than smartphones, despite smartphone having one o the biggest potential of any products in terms of diversity.
How are people so blind to such blatant facts???

So yeah, keep going, go on, keep helping to make the smartphones worse, just don't come and cry when every phone will basically be exactly the same with only 4 or 5 variations all only there for price range sake.

  • Anonymous

Demongornot, 15 Sep 2021BS! EVERY SINGLE DARN MARKET ON THE PLANET do cover less p... morefocusing on the product make most profit, is the logical way, and every company do it

making small phone, not as simple as dumping words from a mouth.
company need to volume orders to manufacture, not as simple as recycling parts etc.
product support also one of many other things to concern

like it or not, the fact will remain sama that small phones is niche and limited and it become less and less nowdays.
you can keep argue anytime you want, but wont change anything

maybe you can keep throwing money buy tons of iphone mini so apple decide to keep releasing next year, otherwise maybe no more mini

Dudenoway, 15 Sep 2021Cool. Tbh even though now I'm against udc(after fighti... moreWhile I do hate the "see through display" variant of the UDC, I like quite a lot its cousin, the disappearing camera, which is basically the same thing but better in every aspect.
And I wouldn't care about the UDC if it wasn't for the risk of it killing everything else and becoming the only solution.

Don't worry, I know you were joking.

Demongornot, 15 Sep 2021Every time the UDC prove itself to be an awful idea, I am h... moreCool. Tbh even though now I'm against udc(after fighting trillions of argument with you and finally losing it after centuries of battles) I would tak eudc as there aren't much options available and I hate the notchch in my phone(bye my dad won't buy me a new phone but he did repair my current one quit e a few time) I can also live with thin bezel like xperia or any gaming phone.

And btw I defend myself of that punch cuz I ws joking. Bye

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2021They ignore demand because is too low, not worth spending R... moreBS!
EVERY SINGLE DARN MARKET ON THE PLANET do cover less popular products AND niches, there are even brands entirely dedicated to niche things.
Including brands that make things that not only are in really low demand, but that are also expensive to make and to buy.
Smartphones can EASILY reuse a lot of components, and even niche phones still sell a lot more than any other type of non-consumable products.
There is ABSOLUTELY NO financial argument to back up that "there isn't enough customers for this product", there isn't any simply because there is no diversity whatsoever in the smartphone market.
Go ahead and tell me that this is not more worth it to do R&D on a product where all the components and production lines are already widely available and where there is at least hundreds of thousands of guaranteed sells, than for a 4000$ replica of the overhead panel of a 737 for homemade amateur flight sims cockpit that only a handful of people will ever buy and is totally different from any other aircraft's panels sold by the same company (like an Airbus one) and other components even for the same aircraft when even a big Hotas like the Warthog is already niche, or than a 500$+ USB hydraulic handbrake that use actual hydraulic to perfectly simulate the feel when 100$+ ones are already niche.

Plus, small phones are either super low specs, too thin and therefor have an awful battery life, or as it is the case with the iPhone Mini, super expensive while other available phones offer much more for the similar prices, including the fact that except the iPhone Pro Max, every other phones they made are already much smaller than the vast majority of Android phones, lets alone flagship specs ones, the iPhone 12 and 12 pro are barely larger and taller than the S10e.
They also sold more 12 Mini than what entire brands did.
And it isn't as if people were as single spec locked as negative (and wrong) arguments like yours are, if a phone is small but bad, not accessible in certain markets, not known enough/not marketed enough, not sold by major carriers, etc, then regardless of how many people do want a small phone, this particular phone won't sell.
So the argument of "this phone is small, and it didn't sell well, so small phones don't sell" is extremely wrong.

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 15 Sep 2021I would definitely love to see the direct successor of the ... moreNot happening pal.
That "e" version is officially done with

  • Bilal ravat

Give me a heart bit sensor s22

  • Bud

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2021They ignore demand because is too low, not worth spending R... more10% of 20-30 mio potential customers? Still a number to consider some R&D, I think.

Dudenoway, 15 Sep 2021Finally ur not mad(joke btw so) Every time the UDC prove itself to be an awful idea, I am happy 😁
That's another beautiful punch in the face for the "eventually every phone will have UDC" nonsense :D

  • Anonymous

Bud, 15 Sep 2021Yeah, yeah and to confirm - yeah. Sadly, Samsung ignores th... moreThey ignore demand because is too low, not worth spending R&D on it.

Iphone 13 mini will count for no more than 10% of units Apple plans to have manufactured. While iphone 13 about 38% at first.

S10e did not have successor because sales were too low compared to 10/10+.

  • Bud

YUKI93, 15 Sep 2021I would definitely love to see the direct successor of the ... moreYeah, yeah and to confirm - yeah. Sadly, Samsung ignores the demand of compact flagships (< 6 inch). Maybe, the 10s was not as selling as the bigger s10+, but there are quite a lot of customers who'd love to return to this form-factor. Like me.

GAMIRSFM, 15 Sep 2021I can understand they do this for the quality of the selfie... moreThat's not a bad idea. After all, people who buy the Ultra variant only cares a lot about the rear camera.

Muni.Muni.Myaa, 15 Sep 2021They should bring back the 1440p screen or at least to S22 ... moreI would definitely love to see the direct successor of the S10e with a 19:9 or 19.5:9 screen and 2022 flagship chipset. That would be great.

Looking at the under-display front camera performance of the Galaxy Z Fold3, it sounds like a wise move.

  • Bud

I could not care less about UDC. Sammy should just bring back the SD-Slot an a headphone jack. Can't understand that entry and mid-rangers have this and the pros do not. Really weird.

They should bring back the 1440p screen or at least to S22 plus. Also bring back S22e version to counter other OEMs.

Khamis1990, 15 Sep 2021I think its time now for all the mobile phone companies to ... moreNice wet dream! Except the fact that underscreen camera quality is pure crap.. it can still take years us to see great quality underscreen camera.