Apple revamps the iPad mini, gives the iPad 10.2 new chipset and front camera

14 September 2021
The iPad mini gets a slew of new features and a new design.

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g949188, 18 Sep 2021It's not "just above". Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro (128... more

zodiacfml, 16 Sep 2021pretty strong value, just above the price of Xiaomi Pad 5 P... moreIt's not "just above". Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro (128GB 5G) = $389, iPad mini (64GB 5G) = $699 and that's the US price, it'll be more expensive for the rest of the world

  • Hy

SShreyas, 16 Sep 2021Yes, 10% increase is not "new generation". But yo... moreOh, I don't expect a doubling of performance each year at all - my point was not that, it was that we shouldn't pretend that there are revolutionary gains where there are not. I'm not saying there should be revolutionary gains (in fact I think much more attention should be given to battery efficiency at this point), what I'm saying is that it should be strongly frowned upon for companies, and even more for reporting tech sites to talk as if there were revolutionary gains.
Did it make more sense now?

P.S. That might even help with the mindless consumerism of which you speak, if people are not lead (so much) to misleadingly think they are missing out of something revolutionary !

Hy, 15 Sep 2021What exactly is "whooping" about a "40% jump... moreYes, 10% increase is not "new generation". But you can't expect a 40-50% increase in CPU/GPU performance in comparison to an year old chipset.
And, to be frank, that's how market runs. If any brand start launching chipsets at a gap of more than one year and launch a chipset with 20-30% jump in performance, the sheeps (audience) will ditch them and go for the one that is launching new chipset with even no performance upgrade.
That's why Qualcomm and MediaTek are re-launching their old chipsets with absolutely no upgrade (SD 860, 870, G88, etc)

pretty strong value, just above the price of Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro though the android is larger and with 120hz screen. if one could use this as a large phone outdoors by storing in a bag or large pocket, the ipad mini beats any flagship phone. lacking 120hz display though is deal breaker for me.

  • Hy

What exactly is "whooping" about a "40% jump in computational performance" compared to a 3-generation-old SoC? If anything, it sounds quite uninspiring: it is equivalent to about a 10% increase per generation. It's already a stretch to call something a "new generation" with a β‰ˆ10% boost, but to suggest that it is somehow revolutionarily impressive by using language such as "whooping", it is approaching ridiculousness - or falling too easily and naively for marketing, at best.
Which might be reasonably expected for a casual consumer, but not what is (or should be) expected from a tech site, especially a reputable one like GSMArena. Please be a bit more careful !

P.S. Yes, I know a "new generation" can have other changes besides the computational performance. But that still doesn't make 10% impressive.

  • Anonymous

iPad mini is great in terms of price to performance. Probably it's the most value for money Apple product I've ever seen. But it comes with the subpar iPadOS!

  • babak

i really hoped apple to release a new ipod touch for 20 years celeberation too but yet we have to wait to see if a new one comes or not

  • Anonymous

I'll definitely going to buy the new iPad Mini. Perfect screen size and can use pressure sensitive stylus! That's Apple Pencil. Those who are whining about the headphones jack. Stop pretending like you want to used the headphones jack 24 hours like your life is depends on it and you die if you can't have it πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  • Anonymous

The base iPad with 64 GB is simply too good to be ignored at that price.

  • Anonymous

Seanyishere, 14 Sep 2021Apple updates the iPad mini, and puts a USB-C port on that ... moreWell the weird part of the 10.2 is it's hardware and price that is older and cheaper then the mini. Also this price difference for just cellular version is $130. It's like added storage that usually added 100 for the number

  • Anonymous

The iPad mini 5 was 500 nits.

  • jason

i have been waiting to come back to ipad mini for years and refused to get another one until they gave it a more modern look instead of that archaic model previously, now it may be time, a bit pricier then hoped but they did the same thing with the ipad air, increased the price by Β£100, Β£50 would have been a more fair price increase but hey ho thats apple for you.

  • Anonymous

I would have buy a iPad mini instead of the iPad (base) if it is only 50 usd more than a iPad (base)

However, it is 170 usd more.
This is too ridiculous.

Even with a better CPU than many android tablet.
The price can only be justified if apple pencil is bundle with the "mini" tablet.

  • Babak

JustSomeRandomGuy, 14 Sep 2021hell yeah! I just checked it out on the Apple website mysel... moreNo lightning
That’s type C

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2021The iPad 10.2 upgrades look Good. wanna bet that it still doesnt have laminated screen? even 50 euros tablets have that, but apple is apple.

  • Stryder

I wish , iPad mini could make phone calls like galaxy tab active 3.

  • Anonymous

The iPad 10.2 upgrades look Good.

MediaSnap, 14 Sep 2021iPhone 13 is just a 12 with camera placed diagonally 🀭🀭because pf the bigger sensor and improved ois they had to do it that way to keep the bump the same size

  • Anonymous

Love the design of the new iPad mini.