Apple iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max bring 120Hz displays, overhauled cameras

14 September 2021
The Apple A15 chipset on the Pro phones has a 5-core GPU, instead of 4-core like on the vanilla models.

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At least the cameras are same for pro and pro max unlike last year. Different cameras on 12 pro series when 11 pro series had same cameras was a step back.

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Terminator , 15 Sep 2021That's what they thought when Apple debut a 1/1.7"... more12 pro max uses 1/1.82".

Androids had 90Hz and 120Hz since 2018.

It took 3 years for Apple to finally do it on a $1000 device

The cameras...

meh, it still cannot match the Mi 11 Ultra, hell, let alone the S21 Ultra.

A $1200 phone should just check these boxes:

- 120Hz or even 240Hz OLED screen (Apple has done this)
- 1440p+ display (Apple still made both these 1220p+)
- charger in the box (of course)
- 50W or more charging (Most Chinese phone manufacturers check this box)
- 5x or 10x zoom telephoto (Apple stuck on 3x)

Every year, another overpriced brick, plus this phone is really heavy, even the Mi 11 Ultra which is 10 grams less, has a ceramic back.

The Mi 11 Ultra isn't available in the US, though, so Americans never get to experience what a real flagship is like.

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Anonymous, 15 Sep 2021They software disabled one of the GPU cores on the vanilla ... more12MP = less rolling shutter

Considering Apple cares about video.

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[deleted post]Some Huawei phones have 3D face unlock.

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Anonymous, 15 Sep 2021Probably some variation of 555/557That's what they thought when Apple debut a 1/1.7" sensor last year, that it was imx 555/557.
This is a completely different sensor, most likely a custom one imx 703 judging by the fact that iPhone 11 series had imx 503 and iPhone 12 Pro Max with imx 603

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[deleted post]PlayStation alone brings more revenue than your entire beloved chinese phone maker that sells for $300 a phone that costs no more than $75 to be made.

By the way, Sharp and Sony do not need to sell phones to survive.
Unlike your Apple wannabe OEM that sells you phone with backdoor for government.

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Anonymous, 15 Sep 2021Face ID has many components. Not single cam or cam + tof. Face recognition alone doesn't justify the huge notch of Apple phones. Huge part of Apple phone's notch consists of speaker and microphone. Most non-Apple phones don't put those things in the notch.

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[deleted post]Yeah it's mostly a feature, regular iPhone users won't use. Apple is notorious for gimmicks like these just like last year's dolby vision.
65W fast charging on the other hand would have been unanimously appreciated by all iPhone users

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JustSomeRandomGuy, 15 Sep 2021I see myself as a tech enthusiast rather than a fanboy. unl... moreI'm using both iPhone and Android. And I prefer android for two reasons:

1) less locked. I can sideload APK easily when some political reason bans me from installing an app from my location. And I can transfer any file to and from my phone, like a usb stick. Music, movies, pictures, zip files, work documents. iPhone allows only freely to copy camera roll out of the phone, not allowing anything inbound in this easy way.

2) you get to select any price class for different needs. From Poco phone to Samsung Ultra. Not everyone needs a phone above $200...huge choice of models. So you can save money or enjoy features like 65w fast charging, 5000mAh battery, 10x optical zoom and 120hz display.

Apple seems to be best for those that don't care about technical features, for those who enjoy being told what to do, and for those who want to flash that logo, thinking they are part of some elite club when in reality, an iPhone can be purchased for low price of 400$.

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They software disabled one of the GPU cores on the vanilla iPhones? Apple acting very Tesla like. Hackers could probably re-enable the disabled core.

ProMotion? Apple always uses fancy marketing terms to make a feature seem new.

The cameras on the pro models seem interesting but are still 12MP sensors.

A smaller notch and that's all the improvements.

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YUKI93, 14 Sep 2021"“ProMotion” is Apple speak for a high refresh rate di... more3x zoom camera much needed upgrade, lol they had 2.5x last year, they should have already provided 5x or 10x optical by now.. given the price

the muppet phone. 2021: 3x optical, snail charging, no fingerprint, notch city, awkward UI (no edge swipe for going back, etc.).
please don't make a car, apple.

I told my boy that it not your choice because your choice is always changed, not old device. If nothing change it just a secondhand device.

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AnonF-1013367, 14 Sep 2021They did t change the architecture on the a15 big core, the... moreBut for some reason it’s still gonna smoke any android device. Weird.

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The background blur feature for video works for 1080p only.

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Anonymous, 15 Sep 2021Ultra wide angle camera sensor: not known, but I guess it i... moreThis would be 1/3.4" or 1/3.2" , dont remember exactly.
Or even maybe 20MP cropped to 12.

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Anonymous, 15 Sep 2021Don't use sensor type names. For example the diagonal ... morePixel 6 Pro

GN1 + imx368 + imx586

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AnonD-1016461, 15 Sep 2021Does iPhone 13 pro and pro max able to record 8K?8K 16:9 = 33.2 MP

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Anonymous, 15 Sep 2021It's JDI that owns the variable refresh technology and... more"A low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) display is a special kind of backplane technology designed for OLED screens and developed by Apple.
It was introduced with the Series 4 Apple Watch and is a critical part of how the new Apple Watch Series 5 is able to offer an always-on display experience without completely killing the battery life."