Weekly poll: the new iPhone 13 series is on pre-order now, will you be picking one up?

19 September 2021
Note that some older models (iPhone 12, 11 and the new SE) are still available and received $100 discounts. Will you get one of those instead?

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  • Anonymous

sixtymes, 19 Sep 2021I am sure the 13 is a good update. I'll stick with and... moreI got tired of waiting till next year in hopes of a better iPhone.
Finally switched to Android, not looking back again

I am sure the 13 is a good update. I'll stick with android for now. but, I'll admit, everything I have read thus far about next years iphone 14 sounds to be impressive.

  • SF

For me the 13 pro since the battery life now will be on the same level, or close to the last year pro max

Flippin' boring. Is this a prank by Apple? It's the same phone they've been selling since something like 2017. When is the real launch event?

  • blue.sun

Maybe next time, when the notch really disappears.

  • Anonymous

Dometalican, 19 Sep 2021It's only worth getting the pro iterations this year b... moreI bet new iphone still have storage on pair with old ufs2.1.

The iPhone 13 mini is definitely an interesting phone but I prefer Android so will stay on the OS for now

Didn't realize iPhone 13 Pro weighs 205g. That's more than my foldable flip phones. Wait when Apple releases a foldable. It's only a "gimmick" now when they haven't released one yet. To me, 120 Hz is a gimmick. I don't really notice it. But all these companies uses marketing and hype. Mention little improvements to sell more of the same thing every year.

Phone nerds including me really are just morons. It's an expensive hobby. Just throwing away money for the same toys. In 50 years, nobody is going to remember these tech YouTubers. Just a bunch of clowns selling us crap. Future kids won't find any relevance watching them review and sell outdated tech.

For someone like me who never owns an iPhone model to this day, the 13 Pro and also the 13 mini definitely got my attention. But I'll wait until the full review for both models to come in before I made my decision about picking up an iPhone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2021Already picked up a fold 3 512gb.Now you are a smart guy, if I had that much money to spend on a phone, I would choose the Fold too👍🏻

  • Anonymous

Already picked up a fold 3 512gb.

  • Anonymous

Dometalican, 19 Sep 2021It's only worth getting the pro iterations this year b... moreWe already had 1TB options on android phones (like that beautiful S10 ceramic), but none of the 'gaming' phones had it iirc.
But what would you realistically even do with that much storage, it isn't as if mobile games take up as much storage as PC games?

Imo for most people-128GB is enough (iphone users are still somewhat happy with 64GB storage god knows how, not to mention the absurd/pathetic 32GB on the base ipad)
For power users-256/512GB should be fine (may not be enough in edge cases but you get the point)
I mean you could get a 1TB NVMe drive for much less than it'd cost to upgrade on a phone and you could put it in a type-C enclosure and be done with it.

  • Sponge

Currently on the 11 Pro, pre/ordered the 13 Pro.

Simply for the new larger main sensor with its sensor-shift, Better and further UW & 3x tele cams as well as night mode on all them, the 120Hz display, touted as having better battery life which isn’t bad on the 11 pro to begin with as well as 5G in an area which supports it.

The new design of the device, the slight bump in screen size to 6.1” without it being a massive phone.

I am waiting for Huawei and honor to release their phones

  • Anonymous

I'm an android guy....
iPhone are paper weights in my context....

Got the 13 Pro, skipped last year model because Apple put better camera to Max version which i didn't like. Glad they now offered same camera for both Pro models.

I'm considering the 13 Pro, but not decided yet as my main drivers are still going strong

  • jason

I went with the 256gb version sierra blue, because I wanted the 4k30p Pro Res support, its capped to 1080p on the 128gb version, plus the extra storage comes in handy, I really hate the way apple limit the device though, yes Pro Res uses a lot of data, but they could simply put a switch and warning in the camera and settings giving people a CHOICE, and perhaps even a guideline of how much footage they could shoot based on their available storage and settings, but we all know its apple, they dont like the user having total control

If I get one it'll be the 13 Pro. I don't need the extra size of the Pro Max.

  • bob

it's not just that i would never buy an apple (way too overpriced), what does make me laugh is they are the same as samsung an others in that there is no point in any model except the pro+ (or+++ when they arrive) as they are the only ones with decent hardware.