Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro spotted on display at NYC Google Store

17 September 2021
You can't actually hold them, but you can see them behind glass.

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Kevin, 18 Sep 2021What kind of flagship still retain sd card slot n In 2021? NoneEven if none of them has, it's not a good sign.

Recent, 20 Sep 2021Recent camera hardware? Don't be fooled. GN1 is alr... moreIn photography, history regularly shows us that the same sensor gives very different results depending on the quality of its integration ... Sometimes even with the same manufacturer, we do not have the same result depending on the device price range.

Unlike you, I think it's a good thing that this sensor already exists in other devices: it will allow us to objectively judge the work that Google has done on its so-called "premium" Pixel 6.

Also, newer doesn't mean better. The GN1 is a good sensor, it's no longer to be proven and it's a good thing that Google is finally abandoning its (very) old sensor for a larger and much more modern one.

Wait and see ...

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Bastos, 19 Sep 2021The only point of this phone is to see what Google can do w... moreYou mean recent software advancement, prowess

  • PatientNpositiveGuy.

Hopefully they have an optional screen resolution and refresh rate in the phones settings and a 4k screen. (It'll help people who want their phone to last longer if they lower their phones settings reducing the power usage) We can't be taking pictures or videos in 4k or higher when we can only see 50% of what the image or video actually looks like with a 2k screen aka 1440p resolution. In my opinion I think people would rather have a higher resolution screen than a higher refresh rate screen because this phone isn't about gaming or watching 120fps+ videos that literally don't even exist on YouTube or really anywhere on the internet yet. This phone is promoting all about how good the camera is and how your pictures look and I hope they make the screen resolution better, it'll be amazing because we'd finally be able to see pictures and videos we took in a better quality even if we're looking at something in 1080p the 1080p would look far better even if we're looking at it in a 4k screen, we'd be able to see every single individual pixel. It'll show how amazing the camera actually is in all its glory. I personally never had a 4k screen phone, but I have a 4k screen TV and to be honest it's amazing to look at! 4k is only good when looking at the screen up close and since we always have our phones straight up in our face it'd honestly be a really good idea for them to upgrade the phones screen resolution. I currently have a Pixel 2 waiting for a pixel phone with a 4k screen to come out and I'm hoping my waiting will finally be over because my phone is at the edge of dying from its slowly degrading malfunctions due to the age of it and me using it 24/7. If this new phone doesn't have a 4k screen I'll still have the patience to keep waiting. Even though it'd be frustrating for me, I'll always have the patience. I hope this phone doesn't have any issues like the previous phones. The current one that I have is honestly the worst of them all with issues. I have high hopes for this phone even though the backside looks really weird it also looks very interesting and uniquely stands out unlike other phones. I can't wait to see people review this phone in the near future!

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Bastos, 19 Sep 2021The only point of this phone is to see what Google can do w... moreRecent camera hardware? Don't be fooled.

GN1 is already a year and a half old, used since Vivo X50 Pro+.
IMX386 for Ultra-Wide which is outdated tiny sensor from 2016, used in Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and Huawei P10.

So yeah.

  • Bastos

The only point of this phone is to see what Google can do with recent camera hardware. It has to be out of this world otherwise it brings nothing more than OnePlus 9 pro or Galaxy s21 ultra (with even weaker points), for probably 400$ more at this time.

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There's a full pledge commercial that airs on Hulu showing off the Pixel 6

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The most disgusting phone ever! Like really? Shocking as hell.

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Notch up to the times!

Kevin, 18 Sep 2021What kind of flagship still retain sd card slot n In 2021? NoneSony

  • sd

After a long time I have been eagerly waiting for a pixel phone. Android 12 has been a breath of fresh air for me. I love the material you vanilla android. This time around you will be really better off buying a vanilla android device as the third party skins will ruin the awesome material you effects for sure.

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lol, 18 Sep 2021I am excited about their camera performance, hopefully can ... moreThe performance of the camera is the only criterion that will influence my choice of whether or not to buy a pixel 6.

I don't do a lot of different things with my device :
- Pictures
- Sometimes a call
- Pictures
- Pictures
- Pictures
- News reading
- Did I say "pictures"?

I always do this with an additional raw file.

I have an LG G6 (HK version, with audio dac) which is satisfactory (even at night, in manual mode obviously) but is stuck in system version and cannot be unlocked (thanks LG) so no hope upon alternate rom.

I already have an SLR camera, but there are plenty of situations where I don't have it with me and my phone has to be good then.

I won't be a earlier adopter. I'll let enough time to find tests and quality comparizon.

  • Kevin

goinbck2cali, 17 Sep 2021It is ugly. but Ill still give it a go considering I have a... moreI still have pixel 1 and 2xl and they still working fine. And this guy with pixel 3 said it's about to die? Learn how to treat ur phone right then.

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jaywaycoo, 17 Sep 2021I was gonna buy the pro but since my 4a5g screen just stopp... moreBut others 4a 5g owner didnt face this issue so that's ur unit problem and you can always trade it back to wherever u bought it from , and they might give u new one. But the idea of something broke and u lost trust in company right away is just dumb. Samsung note 7 explode many time in 2016 but the note like still successful after that people didnt leave samsung.

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hehe, 17 Sep 2021Almost all your "wish list" boxes? What didn&#... moreWhat kind of flagship still retain sd card slot n
In 2021? None

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Jimbob, 18 Sep 2021The color choices are quite hideous.. they need to work on ... moreDon't tell big company what to do , they hired professional and you just sit behind ur screen and acting like u r the pro? Nah you don't like that but i like it and I'm a graphic designer so if i see it's fit then majority of people will find it is a good color choice too

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AlienKiss, 18 Sep 2021Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What you may find ugl... moreLatest Samsung device doesnt have sd card eitheir so what's ur point?

Kriegsherr, 18 Sep 2021Yes you are partially right. Devices from some brands stay ... moreYes, there is a difference between brands, I know it. I'm working in a service department, 9 years total :)

Jacek, 17 Sep 2021Anything can break down. Phones, cars, tv sets. You can say... moreYes you are partially right. Devices from some brands stay trouble free for longer than others.

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