Samsung Galaxy A73 to have 108 MP main camera, rumor claims

17 September 2021
It would be the first mid-ranger from the Korean company with that resolution.

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  • 30 Sep 2022

byo9, 08 Mar 2022Full Dual Sim + SD, headphone jack, stylus support and IP68... moreonly if they add 3.5mm, IP rating and expandable storage. i know the reason why, no 3.5mm,
$200 wireless headphones, no ip, need to buy new one if it breaks, no sd slot, if you want, you need to buy 1tb model. :|

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    • byo9
    • 00K
    • 08 Mar 2022

    Full Dual Sim + SD, headphone jack, stylus support and IP68 would be the poor man's note and my dream... I know that I am dreaming....

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      • MW Abbasi
      • uZa
      • 29 Jan 2022

      4k 60 fps with OIS plz

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        • Priyanshu probal gos
        • gwx
        • 06 Dec 2021

        Dear samsung please try to bring 2 or 3 camera instead of 4 and with effective use and efficient not 4 or 5 camera with quality and features like OIS 3X optical zoom and 4X hybrid zoom and 4K 30fps and 60Fps and Full, Ultra and HDr+ HD 30fs and 60fs and als 1080fps and other in all A series smartphone in upcoming years specially next year and next to next year

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          • 22 Nov 2021

          Anonymous, 09 Nov 2021I will only buy a new Samsung A when they take a chill pill... morewhen will they take a chill pill?
          Never. 4 cameras is what most want, and that's what everybody gets.

            you ois and hopefully eis to get good macro shots with ultrawide. otherwise looks just as crappy as a crappy macro sensor or worse becasue of the fuzz.

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              • 09 Nov 2021

              Anonymous, 09 Nov 2021I will only buy a new Samsung A when they take a chill pill... moreYou need three cameras , a main , an ultra wide , and a telephoto . The macro camera is not very useful , and macro functionality can be done by the ultra wide

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                • 09 Nov 2021

                I will only buy a new Samsung A when they take a chill pill on the number of cameras they use. Who needs four cameras anyway?

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                  • 27 Oct 2021

                  unknown, 21 Sep 2021Samsung can add these features to the upcoming series; I... moreYes, I'll buy the galaxy A73 model only if it'll be similar to the xiaomi mi 11 lite model

                  -1B color display (Xiaomi is using it in almost all their midrange phones)
                  - Gorilla glass 6 (maybe)
                  - I think 6k video recording isn't possible, at least it could have 4K 60FPS HDR video support.

                  What do you think? Leave a reply.

                    paulojrmam, 17 Oct 2021If their non-108MP cameras are already better than competit... moreThey could make the phone cheaper with a camera like this. I don't think depth sensor is needed, software does portrait well enough. And with 108MP you can have good zoom without a dedicated zoom camera and good macro without a dedicated macro camera. So they could have only one camera in the back. That would be a dream.

                      If their non-108MP cameras are already better than competitor midrange 108MP cameras, it'll probably be 108MP midrange camera done right (finally)!

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                        • Anonymous
                        • XBA
                        • 16 Oct 2021

                        My priority on phones is the fm radio

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                          • Ryanz
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                          • 16 Oct 2021

                          I really like Samsung but they are lagging behind with their midrange phones. Seems they are focus on selling their technologies on their competitors and just using the leftovers on their mid range phones making them the last one to use it on their mid range phones. I hope there will be great Samsung midrange phones in 2022.

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                            • 3pt
                            • 21 Sep 2021

                            Samsung can add these features to the upcoming series;

                            I saw that Xiaomi MI 11 lite supports 1B display colours and is almost the same price and they both are mid-rangers. Samsung Galaxy A72 galaxy supports at least 16M colours. That could be upgraded on both A53 and A73 versions of the phone. They could add better video recording like 4k 60fps, but there could also be 6k video recording (like on Motorola Edge+ 2020), that's something between 4k and 8k and5G support on A73, not like A72, Which didn't have that feature (there was only 4G version of the phone).

                            They could also improve "low-standard" A series phones. They must get better specs. Like 4K video on A33 and A43. The price must stay at the same level.

                              These phones are are already crazy expensive why make it more expensive?

                                I hope this model comes to where I'm far the A71 & A72 never came.

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                                  • 6wN
                                  • 17 Sep 2021

                                  A55 is a cool model name but not in near future. I wonder when A53 will come.

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                                    • 17 Sep 2021

                                    Man.. Keep the 64MP tetra-cell sensor. 12MP sensor isn't enough with low quality lenses. If you really wanna improve just give a 0.9 micron pixel 64MP tetra-cell camera.
                                    It will be a lot better. The A52 5G had better photos than S20 FE most of the time.

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                                      • John Wicked
                                      • 7XY
                                      • 17 Sep 2021

                                      My question is??? 5G OR another LTE variants lolz

                                        Not everyone makes the camera a high priority when buying a new phone. Personally I think all modern cameras are plenty good enough. I would much rather have a quality screen, and large 5000+mah battery with fast charging than a top of the range camera. Also no stereo speakers are now a deal breaker for me after having them ony current phone. And I'm also in the minority as someone who prefers IPS LCD screens over amoled. Guess that's part of the problem trying to build a phone with all the features when different folks have different priorities.✌️