Hot Take: Apple's iPhone 13 lineup, new iPads and Watch Series 7

19 September 2021

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Great points as usual

  • Anonymous

Im justwaiting for ipad air5.

  • Mill

Again 6.1 '.....😥

Finally, someone who thinks the same as me

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021none of that is worth paying 1000 again when the competitio... moreAnd downgrading some features instead.

  • Anonymous

Winnerbydefault, 19 Sep 2021Everyone is overlooking this years iPhones... calling them ... morenone of that is worth paying 1000 again when the competition has already had better hardware for a good while now

Winnerbydefault, 19 Sep 2021Everyone is overlooking this years iPhones... calling them ... moreBut there was difference in design (flat edge) also in color too. Plus new mini iPhone... These things were new, that's why people were too much hyped

  • mhk

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2021Good joke... Samsung is leading the market and BBK electron... moreand you are the greatest joker 😂

  • Anonymous

Wow. This is everything I wanted to say about Apple--and smartphones in general-- not only this year but for the past few years since manufacturers started focusing on to me unimportant features such as cameras (just get a cheap DSLR) and notch sizes (OK, but no one cares honestly after 2-3 days maximum). I'm glad it was able to be put into words.

  • Anonymous

Ohi, 19 Sep 2021Apple dominating market as always.Good joke... Samsung is leading the market and BBK electronics if you combine realme, Oppo, Vivo, Oneplus

I don't mind the bezel from the new iPad 10.2, but Apple should get rid of the Lightning port and replace it with a USB-C port. While the new iPad mini now shares the same design as the iPad Air 2020, the lack of a headphone jack prevents me from pre-ordering one.

As for the new iPhone 13 series, it's a shame that the 13 mini doesn't have the same LTPO screen panel as the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. That would be super useful for battery life. Speaking of Pro and Pro Max, it's great to see both of them now shares the same camera hardware, unlike last year's model. I'm already eyeing the 13 Pro, but I'm waiting for the full review before I made my decision.

  • Nikojas

A well written thoughtful analysis. There are so many negative comments on this site I thought it’s worth saying job well done!

  • Wow

Apple with its battery level increase again after 11 series, this become a rock solid smartphone, metaphoric and physically speaking. It has it all, it is realilble for 1 full heavy work load. And that adapting refresh rate, others still rocking stuck 120hz, while apple began promotion from the start 5 years ago with adaptive RR
iPad mini is a beautiful device in a league of its own, like the iphone mini, the competition doesnt even offer these kind of devices anymore
Apple watch saves lives, so...words cannot justify
And lets not talk about the macs that starting with M1, just showed what they can achieve from an 10-15W SoC in terms of performance and battery life

Winnerbydefault, 19 Sep 2021Everyone is overlooking this years iPhones... calling them ... moreExactly!

Why not talk about the improved battery life and battery capacity on all models? I think that is one of the most useful and practical upgrades as 12 series battery capacity was decreased from 11 series last year.
Also Apple increased the base storage to 128gb for normal models without increasing price which is commendable imo.

  • Anonymous

I agree with you on the iPad Mini. It’s a beautiful device. Would love to get one.

  • Anonymous

"I'm just going to skip the still photography bit as there's nothing particularly interesting"
Actually, the photographic styles are a game changer, if they are implemented well. For example, there's a warmth slider. If this slider adjusts the white balance, this will be a huge advantage. I am not aware of any other smartphone camera that offers a white balance slider in auto mode, even though that's extremely important! I stressed this multiple times in the past. Google used to offer white balance presets in auto mode, but removed them with an update.
It's also interesting that there are the styles "warm" and "cool". So it seems that you can choose between a warmer or cooler auto white balance. This could be a huge feature that some dedicated cameras offer. For example my Canon M50 has two auto white balance presets. The first one is very good outdoors, but terrible indoors. The second one (white priority) is very good indoors and decent outdoors.

  • Anonymous

Not innovative at all.

  • Anonymous

The new iPad mini is also my favourite of their releases this year, it's almost like it wasn't an afterthought filled will spare parts like most of the previous mini models.

With Pro Res Raw on the iPhone Pro models, it's actually colour grading in post with less to no banding at more extreme adjustments, it won't actually make the images sharper, they just record a higher bit depth, normally 12 bit or more for raw files, whereas most other devices will shoot 8/10 bit internally.

  • Winnerbydefault

Everyone is overlooking this years iPhones... calling them 12S and whatnot. But when it comes to some models, there are higger uodates from 12 pro to 13 pro than there were from 11 pro to 12 pro. What did you get last year? Slightly bigger screen, slightly better main camera and worse tele camera. This year you get massively upgraded ultrawide, longer tele, faster refresh rate screen...