Samsung Galaxy S22 to feature 3,700 mAh battery and 25W charging

17 September 2021
The smallest Galaxy S22 member is shaping up to be a spiritual successor to the Galaxy S10e.

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  • Anonymous

Duck of death, 19 Sep 2021Hey, guess what. My Flip3 fits in much smaller pockets than... moreJury out on flip ..ithink screen issues

AnonD-1018819, 19 Sep 2021And we don't want ridiculously oversized phones either... moreHey, guess what. My Flip3 fits in much smaller pockets than any mini iPhone. It fits in much tighter pockets than your earbud case.

Science is your friend if you want the best of two worlds.

  • AnonD-1018819

Duck of death, 19 Sep 2021I do a lot of bike riding too and I have no problem mountin... moreAnd we don't want ridiculously oversized phones either. Mini models are on the small size at 5.4", but I think 6" is the sweet spot. It's not tiny and it's not humongous. It's just right.

  • miraj khan

too much small battery, 3700 mah we wants min 6000 or 11000 mah batter, with fast charging 160 watts fast charg8ng chip

Demongornot, 19 Sep 2021Funny because I just get back home from seeing a friend who... moreI do a lot of bike riding too and I have no problem mounting my S21U or even my Flip3 on the bike holder.
No one in the real world likes tiny screens because you can't see anything on them, which makes them utterly useless.

Nothing bad in reducing the battery, if they really wanna go for smaller phone. But then go for kill, make that phone with 5.6-5.8 inches; keep that size of s10e only and give us fast charging of 25W.

Don't compromise in screen brightness / quality, rest is as of S10e.
This will improve screen on time at least when compared to S10e; as S10e used to have 3100 mAh battery.

If they want to go apple way, then make it apple way; refine, double refine the product and make it better than what they used to give.

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2021Nobody buys them because there is none?, we all stuck with 7inch Clearly, people are crazy to not understand that

For example, here is a list of all the smartphones listen in GSMArena released since 2020 who has 6" or less :
I simply forced "form factor bar" and "OS Android" to avoid smartwatches, feature phones and such.
Most are from "obscure" brands like BLU, Ulefone, Lava and other that most won't buy from as they don't know them at all.
Heck, I never ever heard of Lava or Yezz even once.
Almost all are super cheap things.

Now let's do the same but with 5.5", which is still 0.1" larger than the iPhone 12 Mini, and, well, see by yourself :
There are only two who have something else than a bezel, the Ulefone Note 8 and Ulefone Note 8P, which are almost the same phone.
And if other have bezel it isn't because they think bezel are great, and they want to offer diversity, it is only because this is almost the only option available in the absolute cheapest smartphones, and considering that the 5.5" is the display diagonal and not the body diagonal, it even "cheat" through that.

Now, an even funnier experience, is to select every Snapdragon SoC, only two results :,77,79,57,42,80,41,31,27,1,2,3,81,91,62,43,82,83,46,36,58,48,29,78,35,33,44,90,4,5,45,28,59,6,7,89,61,8,34,9,10,60,11,88
And we talk about SD425 with 1GB of RAM and SD215 with 2GB of RAM here, not SD778G or SD780, let alone from the 8xx series, while the iPhone 12 mini has the same SoC as the most powerful iPhone, which is comparable to the most powerful Android SoC at time of release (both have their strong and weak points, but they are well-balanced against each other still).

So, yeah, clearly, there isn't anything to choose in the small department of Android nowadays...
Funny part, my first smartphone was a Samsung Wave 2, a 3.7" display phone, which even at this time was small, and I wanted a much bigger phone, which is why I bought an Acer Liquid E700 Trio, which is 5" and was considered incredibly huge at this time, the time when the world "phablet" was invented.

I actually need bigger phones because I have issues with the tactile, even on 10"+ tablets I constantly hit the wrong letter, I can't figure out why, I am precise enough and I don't have much issues with my keyboards, including with small keyboards, but tactile aren't reacting well with me.

So after my Acer, I wanted a bigger phone still, which was originally the Mi Mix 2, which was 6", something even more crazy at this time for any non-tech enthusiast, there wasn't that many phones with 6" display in 2017, though it was starting to become a thing, so they were not rare either, but at this time it was almost a niche still and clearly used to be one.

And now we have near 7" devices, almost none less than 7", and some say that "no one want small phones"and refer as "small" about anything smaller than 6".

  • Anonymous

John, 18 Sep 2021as a samsung fan it feels like samsung tryna make a luxury ... moreIt’s 3700. S10e was 3100 for size its fine, I have the S21 and the battery is so so .

  • Anonymous

Demongornot, 19 Sep 2021Funny because I just get back home from seeing a friend who... moreNobody buys them because there is none?, we all stuck with 7inch

  • Anonymous

Wonder if have 200mp camera???

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2021With a completely useless 2 MP macro and monochrome camera tooThe sad part is that even bumping the Macro to 5Mp already allow for good pics while at 2Mp it is disastrously bad, but it should be 7Mp minimum, 12Mp ideally.
And the monochrome, if it was higher resolution and actually used with a GOOD and PROPER AI for computational photography, it would improve the results in many cases.

But they'd rather waste space and resources on sensors with such a low resolution that they are useless and not even use them in any relevant ways...
That's sad.

Duck of death, 18 Sep 2021They stopped because it's useless business. No one buy... moreFunny because I just get back home from seeing a friend who recently bought the iPhone 12 mini, his reason is, he does a lot of bike riding, (I'm talking about enthusiast trail bike, not casual city bike riding), and bigger phones easily slip out of his pocket.

That's just one random occurrence, but there are hundreds of thousands like that, simply because there is a HUGE number of people who still love and even NEED smaller phones.
If "no one buy them", actually they do, you are just oblivious to the fact, but it is also because not many of them are worth it because there aren't much made in the first place.
Sure, enthusiasts, who are a minority, for many reasons prefer bigger phones, from games to regular content consumption making it more worth it to have a larger display, but in the most common buyer, which is the random non-tech literate guy, many prefer having a smaller phone, and when they don't, it is often because they have sight issues and have an easier time reading on a larger display, or to have a better grip, though those prefer thicker phones.

Of course if suddenly all phone companies removed the ultra-wide on their phones except for a handful of models, most of those exceptions being either more expensive for fewer features or super cheap phones, you'll see a dramatic drop in the number of phones with ultra-wide being sold, does that mean that no one wants this almost universally recognized as best and most useful secondary camera & lens?
Obviously not! And that's the same here.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2021They should also provide with 5 megapixel primary camera.With a completely useless 2 MP macro and monochrome camera too

  • Anonymous

Jacek, 18 Sep 2021Some people say it will be Exynos 2100 but leaked core spec... moreTensor is not Exynos2100. It is another exynos processor which not released.

  • John

as a samsung fan it feels like samsung tryna make a luxury name out of them self like apple did to iphone.

why in the bloody hell you downgrade the battery capacity? there isnt even a logical explanation.

why even make this model if you downgrade it every year more and more.
as a fellow samsung fan, who was planning on buying the s22 vanila\plus, i wont buy any "flagship" device from this company.
it feels like the idea is to cut major things out of the plus and vanila model just to push you into buying the ultra

  • rich

Tanji, 18 Sep 2021Go buy a smart watch if u want something small. go buy a tablet if you need something BIG.

I don't understand why s22 compared with iphone 12, not iphone 12 mini or iphone 13 mini for the current flagship?

Hahahaha... whatta crap. 3700 battery and 25W charger that's not in the package?? In 2022? Makes me laugh. This is a goddamn joke phone. Almost all other producers delivers over 66W charging and 5000 battery, and Samsung claims that a "flagship"?? I will never buy that Garbage at all. And not to mention the astronomical price....

  • Anonymous

No, it's can't be possible. Make oncoming S22 Ultra 6800Mah battery and support 120~200W fast charger with QuickCharge 5, not AFC. Also, 50W QC4 wireless magnetic charging and 10W QC3 Powershare.

Tanji, 18 Sep 2021Go buy a smart watch if u want something small. Go buy a tablet if you want big