Android 12.1 is all about improving foldable phone experience

18 September 2021
Is Google preparing for the release of foldable Pixel?

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Janjoe, 20 Sep 2021Wasn’t that swipe up gesture used by Meego OS before in 201... moreThose type of gestures were used by WebOS when HP bought that OS from Palm in 2009 or 10.

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    • Janjoe
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    • 20 Sep 2021

    Anonymous, 19 Sep 2021Folding phone experience improves in Android 12.1? No it wi... moreWasn’t that swipe up gesture used by Meego OS before in 2011 and was only copied by iOS?

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      • 7kp
      • 19 Sep 2021

      Anonymous, 19 Sep 2021Folding phone experience improves in Android 12.1? No it wi... moreMost Android users are still using navigation bar instead of gestures. Gestures became popular because Apple forced their users without giving any other options. Before iPhone X every iPhone has ugly button at side. Android introduced back, home and recents tab which Apple copied and implemented in the form of gestures.

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        • 19 Sep 2021

        Folding phone experience improves in Android 12.1? No it will not.

        Wait until Apple release their foldable, THEN it will improve.

        iPhone X - The first full screen iPhone without home button with that iconic single line gesture below. (Android stuck with their 3 button monstrosity for years... since the Nexus series)
        iPad multi-touch gesture - The 4 finger swipe up, multitask was flawless in iOS5. Making the 3 button ui from Android honeycomb looks like a joke.

        Google need inspiration from Apple to make it better.

        So tip, don't test any gimmick until Apple have their toes into it.

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          • sumdumguy
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          • 19 Sep 2021

          Fiver says 9in10 android manufactures will totally ignore 12.1. The 10th being Google... If history is any indication, then about 4 months after 12.1 stable has been released and around the same time Google releases v13 DP1, the likes of Slowsung will release a beta of 12.0 only for their flagships.

            redmiNote10, 18 Sep 2021Maybe it'll look like chromeOS taskbarhopefully, i was dreaming of a better tablet experience on android

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              • 19 Sep 2021

              Hopefully this will help make tablets become more useful on Android as well.

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                • nmP
                • 18 Sep 2021

                These folding and rolling phones are the future of smartphones.

                People want bigger screen and also fit those in their pockets.

                As owner of fold gen 1 i think fodlables has enough durability to be mainstream. Rollable needs some more durability to be mainstream but big thing in getting these mainstream is the price: we need mid end soc, mid end cameras to get the price down while the usability is good. Tcl thought that their foldable would price 800 dollars and i think we need to go below that to truly to go mainstream but i would be happy to buy 1000 euros foldable(which i paid my gen 1 fold).

                  Foldable phone owners are the ones who really needs the most updates. My Flip 3 and Razr 5G are still in the growing pains with software experience. Little bugs here and there. Samsung really needs to improve the functionality of the cover display with future One UI updates. It's still quite useless. While I'm forced to use Gboard on my Razr if I want to type from the cover display. SwiftKey won't work.

                    Maybe it'll look like chromeOS taskbar

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                      • s8d
                      • 18 Sep 2021

                      Amazing bring it on.

                      Hope it gets inspired by OneUI Tablets features and some iPad OS features