iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max's shipping dates pushed to October

18 September 2021
iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini will start shipping starting September 24.

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  • Anonymous

I ordered an iphone 13 pro max until now there is no update🥺 its always processing

  • Tauni

I ordered iPhone 13 Pro Max Gold 512 GB Right after the Pre Order and it is saying arrives October 25 to November 1 I called apple and they said it wont come any sooner.

  • abby

haha I already bought the phone and says it's gonna be delivered in a couple hours

  • divyajj 74

but first the date came iphone 13 max will release in october it came in microsoft edge

  • Ak

I m waiting for my iPhone 13 pro

  • Anonymous

Tj, 21 Sep 2021I already pre order I’ll wait 😂Yo buy for me😅

  • Sumit

Tj, 21 Sep 2021I already pre order I’ll wait 😂Bhai what is expected date when we will receive pre order

  • Tj

I already pre order I’ll wait 😂

  • Jay

rafvis, 20 Sep 202113 series are way better than 12 series🤔

  • Anonymous

a, 19 Sep 2021Stay mad that it’s still fastest mobile chipWait for speed test and you will know who will be mad.

  • abno

rafvis, 20 Sep 2021But still apple will be on truck of supply early compared t... moreHow you can they lead from the back?

  • Anonymous

I pre-ordered the Iphone 13 Pro Max, Sierra Blue 256gb - on the 17th right after it became available and was notified today that a shipping label was created w/ tracking number today. I wonder if it will still be delayed or maybe I got lucky. Cant wait. Coming out of the 11 pro max.

ShahZaib Khushal, 19 Sep 2021 i am purchase 12 series or 13 series? please anyone answer 13 series are way better than 12 series

But still apple will be on truck of supply early compared to last year

I love the pro so much and am crazy for it
It better and apple will always lead the Smart phone industry no matter how late it may be on bringing new features on their smart phones, but it makes sure it brings something that it has researched on, so kudos for, which is good not to just band wagon on features any howly

  • Anonymous

Surprise surprise..

  • AnonD-1018819

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021Pushed due to lesser than expected pre-orders. Woot!How does that make any sense? You don't push it back if no one is interested in it. You push delivery back if interest is so high you can't deliver it in enough quantity.

  • AnonD-1019096

They are trying last year strategy, but it couldn't work because the 13 Pro lineup are better than 13 and 13 mini

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021The iPhones have never been sold and even after that, highl... moreYou didn't get what i mean. There's people who are negative about stuff without either knowing it all about it or trying it. They just speculate on what i could be when it does not make sense.

I played the Alpha and beta, Cold War was a bigger downgrade, Vanguard for me is just MW19 with a WW2 skin. But still people were talking smack about it when the trailer was announced.

  • Anonymous

GAMIRSFM, 19 Sep 2021Everyone say bad things about anything before they are anno... moreThe iPhones have never been sold and even after that, highly reliable websites including GsmArena leaves a relatively positive rating for the iPhone?

Call of Duty Vanguard already has the beta, ppl are playing it, and it definitely is a downgrade. Just watch the livestreams.

  • Anonymous

Pushed due to lesser than expected pre-orders. Woot!