Samsung Galaxy M52 5G launching on September 28 in India

20 September 2021
The phone will be revealed at 12 noon IST.

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  • Anonymous

Wilsen, 21 Sep 2021The difference between M51 and A51 is surely the big batter... moreM51 is closer to A71 rather than A51,
It also have super amoled plus display like A71


Frankly, very disappointing. I did not expect this. What is this, Samsung? The m51 is supposed to find improved specifications. The screen is 6.9 with at least and refresh 90 Hz. Snap-Dragon is okay. The RAM is acceptable, but the battery is honestly I was expecting to be is 75000 mAh with fast charging 25. We should see most of these specifications but Unfortunately, you have disappointed us and the loss of many people It's like you make us hate you and leave you with these phones that you make

  • Muhammad Shaukat

What Samsung M51 With 7000Mah and M52 With 120Hz Screen and 5G Only Have 5000Mah Battery Are You Crazy ?

  • Vishal

aknsreddy, 21 Sep 2021Where is 7000mah? Killed my interestMy Samsung M51 currently has 7000MaH battery. And I love the screen on time due to this battery. My phone usage is extremely high

M52 With 5G, 120Hz screen and battery is 5000MaH?

I will buy another M51 or look for other alternative.

  • Ani

I should had bought m51 other then waiting for this. 52 has low features then 51.

Where is 7000mah? Killed my interest

  • Ponnappan

Angaarchand, 20 Sep 2021Guys please don't convert it into INR and call it over... moreYou are probably right. I too think so.

  • Ponnappan

Samsung should try to understand why the M52, M31s and M31 got sold in huge numbers in India. Those phones had almost all the features that the MAJORITY of the buying population [represented by 95% confidence interval (mean ± 2SD) of a Gaussian distribution] needed and was priced only slightly above the sweet spot. The M52 5G appears to be one such device people are eagerly waiting for. If Samsung wants to achieve similar or even better sales with the M52 5G, they need to price it aggressively (less than 25,000 INR). Otherwise, prospective buyers will move on to other brands or wait for better deals and Samsung is bound to lose ground. Samsung should aim for the numbers in a country like India rather than sell pricey phones which hardly 5% of the population are buying.

The difference between M51 and A51 is surely the big battery. But now the next generation seems not so different. I have no idea what's the buyer wants from this M52. Except if the price is way lower than the A52.

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021Xperia 10 iii have small screen is comparison to M51Realme GT Master not much difference, add 20% battery you get 5000mah and almost same endurance.

  • Anto

If it's 32k in India, what's the purpose of launching this?
We already got best A52s at this range.

  • Anonymous

Hemedans, 20 Sep 2021Mah alone is useless, xperia 10 III with 4500mah in gsmaren... moreXperia 10 iii have small screen is comparison to M51

I am expecting price below ₹28K

Vikass17, 20 Sep 2021If we wait maybe we can see something like M52s or M63 next... moreMah alone is useless, xperia 10 III with 4500mah in gsmarena test can last 26 hours in video test, M51 with with 7000mah can last 25H, and endurance is not that different 156 vs 137,

Realme GT Master already has 14H in browsing and 20H in video playback from just 4300Mah battery, I won't be suprised if M51 with 5000mah reach same battery life as M51 with 7000mah. Sd 778 is efficient.

  • Anonymous

Mi 11 lite 5g will stomp this phone in india. With 10bit 1Billion color and dolby vision support.

  • Anonymous 2.0

I'll wait for 1 year after it gets flood of discounts!

  • Anonymous

No nfc,Knox
Runs on one ui core
It will have less bloatware so no buy

  • Anonymous

Woohoo, 20 Sep 2021I already bought X7 Max-12/256 for 28k more than a month ba... moreNice

  • Woohoo

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021Will my fellow Indians but this phone for 30,000 now that i... moreI already bought X7 Max-12/256 for 28k more than a month back (I think you can now get it even cheaper or just go with 8/128 if that much storage is ok).
And I think M52 would be 27-28k or even less @launch.
Around 30k there are many options like Realme GT Master, Reno6 (looks very good with flat sides and Dim900), Moto Edge 20 (battery is only 4000mAh tho otherwise proper triple cameras, slim body, great screen and stock UI) and ofc Nord 2, mi11x, iqoo 7, etc

  • Average Indian Guy

Trades a slightly faster 5G SoC for less 2000mAh of battery capacity and a worse LCD screen (was Super AMOLED). No, thanks. This phone is DOA.