OnePlus 2.0: OxygenOS  and ColorOS will merge to form a unified OS next year

20 September 2021
The head of OxygenOS is now in charge of the unified OS, which will be customized for OnePlus devices.

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Oh just kill off Oneplus rubbish, and keep Oppo and ColorOS going strong.

  • Anonymous

That's a great move from OnePlus. Oxygen OS is already so good and hopefully will be better in future. Currently on the second OnePlus I bought so far. After this will probably buy the same but hoping they make a compact device again maybe

Does it mean the bootloader can be unlocked too for Oppo phones?

  • Anonymous

Feature Rich and lightweight

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021Rofl Rip 1+. Now those blind fans can't talk crap about miuiAs an MIUI user, MIUI is crap.

  • Anonymous

but why are they doing this! oneplus is unique bcz of her software otherwise all android have same hardware latest snapdragon+amoled display.

  • AnonD-1016461

🎵Now you're just somebody that I used to know🎵

  • Anonymous

Rofl Rip 1+. Now those blind fans can't talk crap about miui

  • Anonymous

Hmmmm.... i enjoy my Color OS.
Don't need any mergers

means 3rd class situation