US agencies consider a ban for newly independent Honor

21 September 2021
Four agencies are in deadlock whether to place the former Huawei brand on the entity list.

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They dont even try to hide that they are trying to hurt china. Both countries are almost same on many subjects.

I hope Honor doesn't get a ban, because I'm really hoping for a global release of the X20 Max. There are no other large phones on the market than Honor's Max series, so there's no alternative.

Bbk OnePlus Oppo & Xiaomi might be next

Time to ban Apple China, believe me Apple will die too.

  • Anonymous

Fanboy of All brands, 21 Sep 2021It doesn't make any sense, because = 1. Huawei is n... moreNo i don't think so
Honor doesn't belong to huawei any more and maybe honor had right to borrow some huawei techs after separation

US can't bear to see a Chinese company do well. Imagine if Sammy was Chinese. Google play services would've been banned time ago. They way US is acting, it's only a matter of time until Xiaomi is pointless outside of china(like Huawei)

Fanboy of All brands, 21 Sep 2021It doesn't make any sense, because = 1. Huawei is n... moreBut does it make sense if one company takes over another and not use the tooling designs expertise etc.. of the acquired company to benefit their position. Many other company take-overs not limited only to mobile phones do use the existing resources to compliment their own and make a few mild cosmetic touches such as in the motor industry.

  • Kev

The reason USA is considering blacklisting Honor is because of how closely affiliated it is with Huawei; For example, Huawei seeded over a good portion of their personell and R&D to Honor as a way to offer their tech to the west. I mean look at the Magic 3; It looks very much like the Mate 40s.

However, if USA does this, it's frankly the most foul and dirty play, because they cannot use the same excuse on Honor like they could on Huawei, which was 5G spying. Besides, as Xiaomi taught us, its not a guaranteed win for America if they try stuff like this. (For your information, Xiaomi counter-sued and won.) And finally, Qualcomm will be an extremely unhappy camper.

  • Anonymous

BMG Media, 21 Sep 2021This is just downright unfair. US agencies don't reali... morePlease read the article first please.

This is just downright unfair. US agencies don't realize that their decision to ban a particular brand affects its performance and sales in other parts of the world too.

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Anonymous, 21 Sep 2021Ban them allWhy?Any reason to ban them from Access to US suppliers/Qualcomm?

It doesn't make any sense, because =

1. Huawei is no longer with Honor, so no reason to ban Honor since they are independent.

2. They also use GMS and 5G Qualcomm chips now.

But in other ways, it also makes sense, because =

1. Honor Magic 3 series is too similar to Huawei Mate 40 series and also Honor 50 Pro is very similar to P50 series design. So maybe US is suspicious that Huawei is using Honor as a way out to sell their phones.

But i hope they don't ban Honor. Please lift the restrictions on Huawei so we could see more competitions in the market.

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Ban them all