Caviar unveils custom iPhone 13 Pro collection that is inspired by Rolex watches

22 September 2021
Each phone in the collection has been styled after a particular watch from the famous watch maker. 

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Oh my god people arent even judging by ti's material for its rice but that's its *ugly*. And just because I cant afford it doesn't mean ur gonna go on and hate it and say *ugly*. It's meant for rich people and only rich people can judge it by its materials and design and price.

  • ME

Repetitive design, could have been more creative.

  • ME

So the iPhoone will get cheaper now.

  • Anonymous

Supus, 22 Sep 2021The smartwatches is a future. Functionality over everything!I dont think you realize the size of the traditional watch market, especially the luxury side of things!
Those are affected by these stupid trends/tech. I mean they somehow survived the Quartz crisis, so this smartwatch shouldn't be too big to handle

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2021Damn the most overrated brands combine together to milk eve... moreThe smartwatches is a future. Functionality over everything!

Yuck, who wants a phone that looks like this?!

  • Anonymous

These are for those people who already have everything.. iPhone? Meh got it in every color/size since day 1.. Rolex? Meh got jt by the dozens including those heirlooms.. But this caviar rolex themed iPhone? There is a good chance the elite friends dont have it yet.. Makes the owner unique among the richs

  • coyz

Another sugar-coating the ever ugly phone from the greedy company (Apple).

  • Anonymous

Damn the most overrated brands combine together to milk even more money!!

For that much I'd rather buy a fine watch instead (GS, ALS, JLC, Heuer, Panerai, Hamilton, UN, PP, VC, IWC ,Zenith, Tudor, Nomos, Omega, HM&C, Oris, Glashutte, etc etc etc) to show off that won't become obsolete in a few years

  • Anonymous

Damn, i had never seen this phone that look so ugly

  • a

I guess rich people don't really care about the looks.
The looks are unique (even tho very ugly) and costs alot. Thats the way to show "im rich".

  • Poutine

It's ugly because I can't afford it!

These phones are certainly unique and not for everyone.
Not for me either, not at $25,000, not at $25.

Russian con artist "brand" run by the mob gets free advertisement for stealing IP on soulless gadget blog....

  • Anonymous

nice luxury finishes. are they available for redmi note 10

  • Anonymous

As most caviar designs it's ugly af. Also: no one knows how they are making money. Influencers sometimes get them sent as a review unit. Rich people get them gifted, so they can advertise them....but no one ever buys them.
Also: Why have a phone up to 42.000$ that is obsolete by next year?

Guess it's for the sheiks in this world?!

  • An0n

Non250, 22 Sep 2021This looks kinda uglyIndeed, it is ugly af.

This looks kinda ugly

  • 2 cents

Looks too gaudy

The renders look cheap