Realme GT Neo2 arrives with Snapdragon 870 and improved cooling

22 September 2021
There is a heat dissipating gel with actual diamond particles in it.

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Aslipundit, 22 Sep 2021I have an X7 max as well, with the Dimensity 1200. Good SoC... moreIts not the chipset to blame its their software that doesnt allow HRR for games

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Aslipundit, 22 Sep 2021I have an X7 max as well, with the Dimensity 1200. Good SoC... moreBhai, I'm wondering if you also have the same line/tear which splits the screen through the middle when watching videos in youtube for example??
It runs horizontally (parallel to the longer side) when watching in landscape mode and looks like V-sync turned off but im not sure if it's only my unit or others have it too as I didn't find any mention from my limited research back when I noticed it.

And coming to game optimisations, it's upto Realme & the game dev to implement it I think, bcoz Dim1200 is more than capable, you can already run CoD on Max details or 1 lower quality with max fps, similar case with BGMI-HDR+extreme or 1 lower+90fps iirc.
And you can anyways enable/force 120Hz all-the time across all apps through a simple tweak, but I expect better Auto RR optimisations from Realme for reasons mentioned in my previous comment.

I'm also curious which version are you on?? I haven't updated even once since I got my phone due to all the concerns about heating & worse battery life & probably worse cameras in recent updates (I'm still on A.15)

great value for money product 🔥👏👌

And no Dimensity version?
With smaller screen and battery, should be less heavy and with 1200 chipset, cheaper...
Thé first one saddly didn't have all thé bands

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SD card supported

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Anders, 22 Sep 2021No micro SD = TrashShould be No headphone jack = trash

rizki1, 22 Sep 2021Nokia full of innovation? I've been using Nokia since ... moreThe Nokia N900 is the first-ever smartphone with Linux-based mobile OS and it is still a favourite among Linux aficionados (someone even got it running on postmarketOS). The Nokia N8 has a 12MP camera with a way bigger physical sensor size and native pixel size than the current 48MP Quad Bayer camera sensors, and that was 11 years ago! It took a decade before Sony came along with the IMX555/IMX557 sensor in 2020.

No micro SD = Trash

Aslipundit, 22 Sep 2021Lumia series was very innovative in multiple ways. Those ph... moreLumia, yes I agree I didn't think he said the Lumia series.

rizki1, 22 Sep 2021Nokia full of innovation? I've been using Nokia since ... moreLumia series was very innovative in multiple ways. Those phones looked bloody good too. I still have the 925 stowed away in a drawer which takes great low light pics.

I have an X7 max as well, with the Dimensity 1200. Good SoC but is between 860 and 870 in overall performance, which is perfectly fine for me. The main issue is the lack of optimization for this SOC, which limits its potential in games and heavy applications. Certain games are unnecessarily capped/restricted for the Dimensity 1200, despite the soc being perfectly capable of running those at the highest settings. For example, the SD 860 does better/can access the highest setting in many games compared to the this, despite being slightly weaker.

However, in daily use cases like browsing and media consumption, the D1200 is super fast. I have a Realme Xt with the SD 712 as well as a Galaxy S9 plus with the Exynos 9810, both of which 'feel' slower than the X7 Max i purchased recently. The difference in app opening speeds, browsing and general UI snappiness is stark between Realme XT and X7 Max.

If gaming is your priority, the 870 or 860 might be a better bet due to better optimization in a number of major games, although the D1200 runs every game out there smoothly enough. Apart from gaming, the D1200 can go toe to toe against the 870,870 in single core performance (3.0 ghz A78 vs 3.1 ghz A77 and bigger caches and better memory controllers on the 870) only marginally slower than the Of course it cannot hold up to the SD 888, which is understandable, given the high prices of SD888 equipped phones.

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2021Smartphone makers are releasing phones like cakes chocolate... moreNokia full of innovation? I've been using Nokia since 2008 what has changed a lot to 2009? and their phone today? just the same.

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Techgeek91, 22 Sep 2021Is it launching in India??yes.

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Smartphone makers are releasing phones like cakes chocolates and biscuits.. Same things with minor change of shape flavouring and packaing.

I miss those Nokia days when a new phone launched used to be rare but full of innovation and upgrades and always had a WOW factor for min 2yrs.

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YUKI93, 22 Sep 2021Would be interesting to see a performance comparison betwee... moreI'm more than happy with my X7 Max performance, but the problem stems from the pathetic RR management (if there is one at all). Sure there are work-arounds to force 120Hz all the time but why should I kill the battery while watching videos (landscape), using the camera or viewing photos.
If they cant fricking optimise the Auto behaviour, at least they should provide a simple per-app basis toggle to the user instead.
Sure the 870 with better cooling in the Neo2 would be better overall in synthetics but I highly doubt anyone would actually notice it in daily-use!

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Great Flagship killer phone at low price. A great competition for the iphone 13 Pro max.

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Good specifications bad colors

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It's awesome

Does realme Gt neo 2 has nfc?

Would be interesting to see a performance comparison between Snapdragon 870 and Dimensity 1200 from both GT Neo2 and GT Neo since they both have the same Realme UI.