First iPhone 13 lineup reviews are in: here's what we learned

22 September 2021
Great battery life, marginal improvements in the camera department.

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AnonD-1018819, 22 Sep 2021I don't get the hate people have for MKBHD. Who ever s... moreAt first he isn't a tech reviewer than a daily life tech blogger. Secondly he knows very little a tech tech like 99% of Apple fans. And thirdly you're a crying.

I. P. Suvedi, 22 Sep 2021Hi GSMARENA, Arun aka Mrwhostheboss's views not invlud... moreMrwhotheboss a tech reviewer? Lol

  • Anonymous

13 Pro/Max = 1/1.7" + 1/3.4" + 1/3.4"

13/Mini = 1/1.9" + 1/3.4" + 1/3.4"

  • Anonymous

UWA of 13/13 mini is same 1/3.4" of previous models.

  • AnonD-1018819

I don't get the hate people have for MKBHD. Who ever said you have to believe and trust every single bit of information anyone says to you to the letter? It's like you're all so gullible that you just consume everything you hear as an ultimate truth. It's what information you can pick up from what they say, not what they say in its literal form. He still often gives good insights into things and has interesting ideas or questions.

  • Mir

Barry Egan, 22 Sep 2021MKBHD reviews are not so trustable , that guy is more like ... moreCorrect.

  • Mir

FatShady, 22 Sep 2021yeah sure, lets trust mkbhd's review on apple products.No.. Never.

  • Mir

Macaulay Culkin, 22 Sep 2021YouTube is just one big informercial to sell us redundant-l... moreCorrect.

kek, 22 Sep 2021Yeah, but when you are on, you probably dont c... moreLOL

Couldn't said it better myself. I feel these tech tubers are just Hollywood rejects even below reality TV stars. Anybody can start recording themselves talk about phones all day. Notice so many of them are good-looking? Not all but a lot of them are. You start seeing Linus and Krystal Lora on ads.

Michael Fisher whom I've followed since 2013 is a failed actor. But he does it the best because he's also done narrator jobs with his great voice.

YouTube is just one big informercial to sell us redundant-looking phones. I don't listen to the bigger channels any more. It's just brainwashing to make us buy more stuff we don't really need.

IpsDisplay, 22 Sep 2021Let's not forget context here folks And an iPhone i... moreWhat nonsense is this?

12 Pro Max is current battery champ, no-one so far have been able to beat it now 13 Pro Max will even do lot better than 12 Pro Max

Let's not forget context here folks

And an iPhone is said to have "great" battery life

What they mean is because iPhone battery life is garbage

When a iPhone comes out with average single day battery life it is a miracle the apple users

  • Jab1995

I’ve been an android user and has been using the note lineup from samsung but unfortunately they got to greedy and quality has decreased a lot on their mobile devices including accessories. Note 7 was a night,are although I loved that phone but was forced to swap it three times, which I was forced to get a galaxy 7 instead. Got the note u but guess what, no more updates after 2 years and after a year the phone completely died on its own, they did replace it with a new one but I lost all the data in the secure folder. I started using a mac for school and almost everyone are using iPhones so I bought a used one just for the airdrop feature, fast forward I found that the ecosystem is so seamless for all devices that I can switch from iPhone to mac then to my iPad without any issues. My iPad is still alive since 2014 and still get all the software updates. Speed wise, the phone rarely slows down, all of my android phones needs constant reboot to refresh it or it will crawl. For now, I am sticking with apple, yes it cost more, but its valur holds up longer than the competition and software remains updated compared to the android counterpart.

  • kek

Yeah, but when you are on, you probably dont care about paid dumbtubers and their sponsors.

Do tell us when you start reviewing those iPhones, since that would be better.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2021I remembered his LG G8's 'Master of None' re... moreTech Spurt is a good one too, more people should watch him.

I remember that LG G8 review... "Master of None" yeah that is partly true, but the phone was very versatile and could do a ton of stuff.

G8 and G8S did a lot of stuff more and more brands slowly moved away from, I have the G8S and that is a solic phone, and G8 is actually even better than that in some regards.

But that is how it goes with popular YouTubers, they need the views so they will quicker give lovable reviews about popular stuff.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2021I remembered his LG G8's 'Master of None' re... moreI laugh when some guys want to review products but they do not even know everything about it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2021The weight of Pro Max is kinda fine if you consider the mat... moreYou can use raw.
Open an editor and just covert to jpeg.
This must red rid of samsung style.

  • Anonymous

Borland, 22 Sep 2021Hey GSM Arena, I am following you since years, and I respec... moreCouldn't agree more. Non-sponsored indie tech YouTubers always give way more thorough and intellectual review than popular sponsored sellouts.

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Anonymous, 22 Sep 2021I like the guy a lot, but I watch his videos with a grain o... moreI remembered his LG G8's 'Master of None' review. Juan Bagnell can give a much more thorough and way more intellectual review than MKBHD. Since I found out the likes of Juan Bagnell and TK Bay alongside Flossy Carter and Tech Spurt, I completely stopped watching popular sponsored tech YouTubers.

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Anonymous, 22 Sep 2021The weight of Pro Max is kinda fine if you consider the mat... moreJust turn off Scene optimizer/AI & put the display profile to natural/srgb, it'd help a lot!