Samsung reportedly solved its Galaxy S21 FE production issues

22 September 2021
The tech giant produced only 10,000 units this month.

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  • Sharda

Samsung has very boring colors blue , black and grey why dont they consider some really nice colors like Wine red , Fiery red, Red like Apple I phones?

  • Anonymous

I really don't see the need for s21 fe!! Sammy can just make the s21 cheaper. Then realease this models next year:

S22 mini
S22 plus
S22 ultra (with an s pen slot)

I just hate the fact that sammy releases too many phones yearly. It's a good news that Sammy has finally decided to merge the note series with the s series. Cox i don't really see the point of producing the note series anymore. Recently the note series feels like a downgrade to s series. Its just the s pen slot & boxxy feel of the note that feels different.

The Fold's series, S series, A series & M series is just okay.

  • hermes

happyswift, 23 Sep 2021Samsung got no idea what they are doing. It was the same st... morebut for the countries where the exynos variant of the s20 was released, this was the only snapdragon offering from samsung at this price..

Lets hope it will not have the same touch issues at launch as the S20FE did

  • Anonymous

You guys miss the point FE 20 5 g has been one of the best deals for good smartphones to buy on special sale from service providers in my country this year costing only marginally more than A52 while being a lot better and having the benefit of memory cards compared to the S21

  • AlienKiss

No offense, but by the time it will be released, it will be DOA (dead on arrival)

  • happyswift

Samsung got no idea what they are doing. It was the same story with S20 FE last year. When it dropped the price of the S20 was already quite close to the FE so it didn't make much sense. They should either release the FE together with the other S phones or they shouldn't produce this phone at all.

  • Anonymous

Eventhough the S20 FE doesn't have a headphone jack, it's still a popular choice mainly because of its flagship-grade camera performance and Samsung DeX alongside Snapdragon 865 and microSD card support. Now that Samsung uses Smapdragon 888 and remove microSD card support, I can absolutely certain that more people will look at last year's model instead.

So let's say end of October .. the S21 was released 29th January. If the S22 follows the same date as s21. That means there's 3 months between FE and S22... Is there any point going for the FE at this point.

  • Wayne Morellini

If they had descent 8kp25 and 30 support it would be more worth it, especially especially 8kp50/60 for action and slow motion. I'm sick of all these spy phones. If only south korea ensured no monitoring off good sites, it would be great. But, nobody make a great maker phone. Memory card, two USB 3.1+ ports )one record or IO one continuous power, including video record and video SSD, 6 channel high fidelity 3.5mm playback and record with phantom power. Absolute privacy, office and media apps, Linux app support to desktop view (USB HDMI, external drive and printer), a little iMac. 4:2:2/4:4:4 ProRes 12 bit+, Braw or cineform and 600mb/s h264/heif $500. You can do better 4:4:4 fullhd on a 8k sensor with normal Bayer. Even 4k 4:4:4, and much better resolution sharpness, and detail. 16 stops multiple gain intra HDR video technique, like Arri. A file system that actually preserves the file date when moving or copying around the system and to card or usb. All desktop level file viewer controls. Ability to backup and save all user data to attached hard drive for safe keeping, with auto backup program, multiple profiles. A gaming cooling stand. The sort of thing every computer technician and serious user, and gamer would like, as well. Where one could buy one as a phone, and one cheaper, as a home desktop game system with AMD graphics, and media controller.

  • Anonymous

Too late for this. Price will do no justice anymore it would be outdated by the time it would be released it is as good as a midrange phone with 300$ price tag.

  • Anonymous

the production issue is that no one wants it LOL

I think it's too late
People already lost the hype and are waiting for S22
If the price is not lower than current vanilla S21 price, i don't think people will buy it

  • Anonymous

If they don't hurry up & release it, there'll be no point buying it!

almost in time for the S22 launch

May as well wait for Black Friday or the announcement of the S22 to consider picking this up

thats way more than they're going to sell by the end of the year, unless they cut the price by half.

10000 units is just enough, its not Fans Edition anymore ,It wont have sd card.

  • Chixby

Non250, 22 Sep 2021So they will publish regular S21 with the ,,FE" in it,... moreExactly
Just sell regular S21 with some decent discount Sammy.

  • kek

Non250, 22 Sep 2021So they will publish regular S21 with the ,,FE" in it,... moreNothing, maybe the price and that will be it. I really doubt the S21 FE will do something ground breaking by itself